Self-Improvement By Competing With Your Own Self

It’s no secret that life can be really complicated and it can be overwhelming to deal with it. Each one of us goes through a time that makes life messy and difficult. However, the only good part about such times is that they give us the chance to tread on the path to self-improvement by competing with your own self.

Remember any such time when life made it really difficult for you? How did you come out of that phase? Did it make you any stronger or made you feel powerful enough that you were ready to take on the world?

Self-Improvement By Competing With Your Own Self

While there are many situations that are out of our control, the way we react and deal with them is entirely in our own hands. It’s just about challenging and competing with our own selves and feeling determined to bring forth the change.

When times are tough and when we are carrying a lot of emotional baggage, we tend to get selfish in our thoughts and actions.

While I am writing this, there is a flashback to several events and incidents in my life. Certainly, it is not easy to write the things here and accept that I have been selfish almost the entire life. Today, I look back to realize the difficulties in life made me act selfishly quite a many times. It was always ‘ME’ and ‘I’ when the times were testing.

Because we tend to grow with time (both in numbers and levels of maturity), I understand life and my own self a little better than I would a few years back.

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Once again, I am at the crossroads of my life. Lately, I have started talking a lot about self-improvement, selflessness and worldly wisdom. In one way or another, it rules out an option for me to tread on a path that is more convenient. In fact, the time demands from me a lot of commitment, dedication and selflessness. This time, I have to be concerned about others, their future and happiness. It can’t be just ‘ME’ anymore.

Believe me, it’s not easy. Many times, I want to give up and stop trying it so hard. Then there is something that warns me not to be self-absorbed again.

Honestly, I don’t know how long I will be able to thrive with this attitude of mine. All I know is it’s just the thoughts of how my actions might just hurt others or ruin things for them that makes me compete with myself. Bottom line, it’s about how significant the term ‘SELF-IMPROVEMENT’ has become in my life.

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