7 Simple Ways of Writing an Effective and Powerful Blog Post

Any blogger or a freelance writer will agree with me that at some point in their writing career they have sought answers to the questions listed below:

“What are the secrets of successful Blogging?”

“Is there a technique to create an effective blog post that gets a maximum number of likes and shares?”

Honestly, there is no one answer or technique. In fact, you must beware of anyone telling you this. Because there is no short cut to success, Blogging never comes easy! It requires analysis, strategies, a lot of writing and reading. While one blog post can’t offer complete learning you require as a Blogger, it certainly helps you make a leap forward. Likewise, this post aims at giving you a lowdown of simple yet effective techniques of writing a successful Blog post.

1. Length of a Blog Post

While there is no ideal length of a blog post, the ball is in your court when you write a longer blog post. A revised Google algorithm crawl a blog post that exceeds 500 words. Thus, you must target at least a minimum of specified word limit for Google to crawl your post.

2. Use of Transition Words

All SEO experts, often, tell a common thing and that is to maximize the usage of transition words in your writing. While they are not only powerful tools of writing, they also help in improving the SEO score of your posts. As a matter of fact, their greater usage makes a reading an interesting and not a boring task.

3. Hierarchy of Headings and Sub-headings

A successful blogger learns to maximize the use of headings and sub-headings in his work. Hierarchy of headings and sub-headings needs to be followed not only to increase readability but also to make a greater impact of your work on readers. Further, their correct usage helps in a loud and effective communication of your ideas.

4. Impact of Revisions

Are you too impatient to revise your articles number of times before hitting a publish button? If yes, you require some good learning.

As a Blogger, you must revise the content number of times not only to remove any grammatical mistakes or syntax errors but also to make it crisp, clear and highly effective.

5. Tone and Style of your Writing

The Internet is loaded with innumerable articles and blog posts. There is a discussion on almost all the possible topics. In an existing scenario, how are things going to work for you? Will a visitor to your Blog be tempted to stay longer? Is there anything that distinguishes you as a Blogger?

When there are countless options available, you hardly get a few seconds to make a reader commit to reading your whole article. Anyone who is smart enough must have understood by now that a secret lies in sharing unique ideas and viewpoints. Initiating conversation with your readers and making your content interesting is always a good bet. Make the appropriate use of keywords in your post for improving its SEO and readability. Determination of right keywords is, however, important for carrying out a research so as to find out about the popular searches by users.

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6. Motivation Behind your Writing

Before drafting any blog post, you must know that it requires some introspection. Ask yourself some simple questions:

***What will your readers gain from this post?

If you don’t have anything valuable to offer to your readers or if they are not going to gain anything from your writing, there is no need for it to go live.

***Will you be able to justify the topic?

If you possess sufficient knowledge and writing skills on the given topic, you must go ahead with your plan. Nevertheless, the uniqueness of your ideas remains the most significant thing.

***Why is it important for you to write this post?

Your decision needs reconsideration if the only objective is to increase the count of posts. Quality is what matters and not quantity when the web contains information from every nook and corner of the world.

7. Sharing your Own Stories

Each one of us has different stories and experiences to share from our personal and professional lives. If you get into the habit of sharing your own lessons, you motivate yourself into creating a content that has a long lasting effect. Further, there is an establishment of emotional connect with your readers. If you succeed in this then there is nothing that can stop your readers from coming back to you. They will start yearning for more and that is precisely what you long for all the time.

Final words: Being able to master these simple tricks, it will amaze you to find an exponential growth in a number of likes, shares, and comments on your Blog.

Image sources: zerogravitymarketing, lorirtaylor