Signal App rolls out new features in its own app like WhatsApp.

Signal App is all set to capture the humongous user base of Whatsapp which has been looking for alternatives after the latter updated its privacy policy.

According to a report, the 2018 born Signal App has severely disrupted the Whatsapp ecosystem as it clocked approximately 26.4 million downloads in India between January 7 and January 17, 2021. Within just two years of inception, Signal app and Telegram are leading the charts after Whatsapp updated their privacy policy. The Signal app has more than 105 million active downloads and has around 40 million active users till January 2021.

To attract more user base and make them feel at home, the Signal app has reported rolling out a few new features similar to the Facebook-owned Whatsapp messaging app. As more and more of our moments move online, Signal app is all set to provide you with amazing ways to stay connected safely and privately.

Let’s quickly have a sneak peek into the Signal App new features that resonate with Whatsapp.

·        Custom Wallpapers

Just like Whatsapp, the Signal app users would be able to add customizable wallpapers to different chats. This feature would be available for both Android and iOS users.

·        About Status

The Signal app new features now give provision to choose your own status. Most of us are familiar with Whatsapp ‘About’ status options such as ‘Available’, ‘Busy’, ‘At Work’, ‘urgent calls only’ etc and other customizable status. In line with it, Signal app would ask their users to update their status with options such as ‘Encrypted’, ‘Coffee lover’, ‘Free to chat’, ‘Be kind’, ‘Working on something new’, ‘Taking a break’ etc.

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·        Animated Stickers

Signal app is planning to come up with some exciting and interesting stickers that would surely make their audience go gaga over the new features.

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·        Low data mode

This feature of this Californian app helps the users to switch the app on low-data mode during calls and chats. The option would be available in ‘Data Usage’ section > ‘Use less data’ for calls.

·        Group calls

The number of participants in group calls has been increased from 5 to 8. The invite links for these fully secure and end-to-end encrypted video calls can be shared with the users.

·        Bookmarking

According to reports, Signal app may come up with a new bookmarking option that enables users to mark specific chats that can easily be referred back. Whatsapp uses a similar feature by giving an option of starring the chats or messages.

·        Download Preferences

Whatsapp offers media download preferences to the users when using Wi-Fi or mobile data. Users can set their preferences such as auto-download, never download, etc.  Reports state that Signal app new features would also have a similar structure for their users to set their download preferences.

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