Someone you Love: Protecting and Holding on Tight

Have you ever felt the pain of not having someone in your life you truly love?

If yes, it shouldn’t be hard for you to agree that it is also the worst feeling ever. If you’re fortunate enough to say no, believe me when I say you don’t want to experience that feeling ever in your life.

More often than not, each one of us is preoccupied with our daily chores that we hardly get any time to imagine living without our loved ones. Consequently, it is not surprising if we start taking them for granted. Alternatively, there could be other reasons to explain our attitude. It could be that we simply don’t value their presence in our lives. Talking about the affairs of the heart, we generally take too long to wake up to our true feelings.

Helen and Sid fell for each other during their university years. Sid started visualizing the rest of her life with Helen. She loved Sid too and wanted to be with him forever. Helen, however, believed in destiny more than in her love. She did nothing to protect it in the first place. Every relationship requires a lot of active work; theirs lacked both work and determination. As it would have been, their relationship couldn’t be protected. Their love wandered off and was gone before they noticed. They were separated in the name of destiny and luck. But, destiny was yet to play its role of a demon. They never stopped thinking of each other. The separation created a permanent vacuum in their lives. Very often, they would meet each other, but only in their dreams. They lived so far yet so close in each other’s heart. No riches of life had the power to make either of them happy. Every minute of their remaining lives, they wished a sight of each other. Only if they had worked towards protecting their love, they would not have died living incomplete lives.

Their story is a testimony to the fact that no relationship in life protects itself. Even, this holds true in every other way of life. Have you heard about setting free the thing you love? Or, going with the flow of time and destiny? Most of the times we fail miserably in performing our roles/ duties and end up changing the course of our lives that otherwise was in our favor. The obvious thing, then, to do is to blame it on our destiny. Moving ahead, what roles/ duties am I talking about here?

Your Roles/ Duties to Protect Someone You Love

I am talking about protecting someone you love, ensuring that you stay close to him forever. Believe me, holding on tight and not letting him go away from you is closer to the truth than letting him go and waiting for destiny to play its role.

When you do your best, but lose the object of your affection anyway, you’ll still be at peace. At least you tried your level best! You did everything possible to be close to that thing even if it meant just for a while. Then, when you lose it, it’s not you but divine intervention. Because you tried, you did your part. The remaining is His choice and your destiny’s will.

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It’s all about making a choice. The choice is to ensure the presence of the thing you love in your life. It is to do whatever it takes to ensure that the thing close to you continues to thrive. And, this choice has to be made every single day of your life.

Along with the choices you make, there are decisions that go hand-in-hand. The decision is to work towards protecting the important relationships and things in your life. After all, no one wants to live a life of Helen and Sid even in the wildest of their dreams.

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