How to Stay Productive When Working From Home

A lot of people who have an hour commute each way for every weekday think that people who work at home must have it pretty easy. After all, they don’t have to get dressed, drive anywhere, or deal with annoying co-workers (besides themselves).

But those that start working at home begin to realize that making a living in your home isn’t nearly as easy as many people think. For one thing, you don’t have anyone to make sure that you do your work correctly. You are the only person to which you’re accountable. So how can you get some work done while avoiding the daily commute and the need to take out title loans in Miami? This article will give you a few tips for increasing your productivity while working from home.

Some Productivity Habits from The “Zen Habits” Blog

The “Zen Habits” blog operates as one of the longest-running and successful blogs online today. If anyone knows how to get productive while working from home office, it’s Leo from “Zen Habits.” In one of his “Zen Habits” blog posts, Leo gave his readers a few tips for getting a lot of work done without working outside of the home:

a. Separate your workspace from the rest of your home

Do this for psychological as well as productivity reasons. You want to do your work in a room that signals that it’s time to get busy. If you work on your laptop while sitting on your bed, you may get signals that it’s time to take a nap. Instead, designate a place in your home that is only for job-related tasks. Making this kind of space could be as simple as pushing your desk in the corner of your living room.

b. Set a schedule and stick to it

Are you a morning person? Work in the early morning hours. Work in the midnight hour if you’re a night owl. It doesn’t matter when you work. All you will need to do is set a schedule for yourself and stick to it no matter what comes up.

c. Keep your work area tidy

When you clean your work area on a regular basis, you not only keep yourself organized. You also give yourself a way to remain productive when no one is bugging you to keep your work desk clean.

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Work from Home Productivity Lessons from Inc Magazine

Inc magazine operates as one of the premier business and entrepreneurship media outlets in North America. Many of their readers run their businesses from home. In this article, Inc writer Kelsey Libert gave readers a couple of tips for getting bit by the work-from-home productivity bug.

a. Don’t work in your pajamas

If you work from home, it’s tempting to do your job in your pajamas. Resist this temptation. When you wake up, make your coffee, shower, get dressed, and then get started on your day. Try to wear clothes that seem like they work in a business casual atmosphere. If you dress like an adult when you’re at home working, you’ll more likely take your job seriously.

b. Eat healthy food during your workday

You might want to nibble on chips while you’re at your laptop or go out to a burger joint for lunch sometimes. However, try to eat healthy food whenever possible. When working from home, you will need to keep your energy and strength up. Eating healthily will help with that.

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