Step-by-Step Guide: Create a Documented Content Strategy for your Blog

Did you know that content marketing or SEO offers approximately 600% return on your marketing investment as against just 20-30% offered by investment on social media?

This should raise an alarm for everyone who is busy focusing on every other aspect of Digital Marketing but content marketing. Remember, it’s just not B2B but also B2C companies that can benefit from their Blogs.

Just like all processes that are involved in running a business, having a documented content strategy helps you drive maximum results from your Blog. By prioritizing Blogging, businesses are 13 times more likely to see a positive return on investment as suggested by HubSpot data.

It is only when you follow a documented strategy, your chances of hitting a benchmark increase. Thumb rule, decide a frequency of blog posts to be published in a month and stick to it.

A strategy is important so as not to confuse your readers by publishing posts in an unpredictable manner and forcing them to never return.

Ideally, a minimum number of posts that should go live in a week are 4. It’s simple. More the number of posts getting published on a blog, more the indexed traffic. In fact, you can dramatically increase the number of leads you generate in a month by focussing on your Blogging Strategy.

Steps to Creating a Perfect Documented Strategy for your Blog:

1. Planning for Topics

To start off, you need to plan the month’s content schedule in advance.

You may, however, find yourself short of ideas while creating your list of topics. In that case, you may use HubSpot’s Blog Ideas Generator.

That’s exactly what I do when I am planning a monthly list of topics for ‘My Study Destination’ that happens to be India’s No.1 career blog.

Blog Ideas Generator

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Whenever I am short of ideas, I type the Blog’s keywords- Study Destination, Career Needs, Career Coach, Study Abroad, etc in Noun 1 and click on ‘Give Me Blog Ideas’. And, it works amazingly well.

Now, what if you don’t like the suggestions?

You can hit the “Try Again” button and there will be 5 more results.

Use these suggestions to build your monthly list and plan topics for the upcoming weeks or months.

2. Draft a Scheduling Process

The objective is to space the posts evenly throughout the month for 2 main reasons:

a. To maintain the frequency

b. To make sure it gets done

I have talked about the significance of prioritizing tasks for enhancing your multitasking skills in one of my posts.

 In the words of David Hewson (Macbeth), “What must be done must be done, whatever the price, the cost, the pain”.

These words should remind you of a high-priority task (to publish the post according to the schedule) that lays ahead of you every time you get stuck with client emails and calls.

Scheduling a date for each of your planned posts and doing whatever it takes to finish the work is the only way of publishing the posts as per the schedule.

 Word Count

Another crucial thing to remember while drafting a content strategy for your blog is that the number of blogs going live in a month is not the only thing that counts.

A thing to know is that word count is going up.

The results you expect are not going to come with short blogs.

It is only with the longer blogs, you tend to get more attention from your readers and as a result, they end up spending more time on your site.

Is it that you are thinking that you now need to start writing 1,000+ words posts?

Well, that won’t help. Surprised? Why?

It is because 1,000 or even 1,500 words are not long enough to draft an actionable blog post.

In order to write convincing and actionable data or how-tos, there is always a wide range of topics and sub-topics to be covered. Having said so, an extremely well-written blog post can easily go over 2,500 words.

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This, however, doesn’t mean that you get the liberty to write poor-quality posts or fluff content. Your duty as a blogger is to write things people are genuinely interested in reading and your job is to offer your readers help, guidance or whatever it is that your readers are looking at. In a nutshell, your business is all about understanding the needs of your customers and working on your content on the basis of their needs.

Some Final Words

You might argue that there are millions of blog posts getting published every day and thus, the chances of your post being read are almost negligible. In that case, it might interest you that there are about 346 million blog readers across the world.

What you must know and believe is that Blogging is here to stay. So, there is absolutely nothing to worry about. Also, when we talk about content marketing, it is the future of Digital Marketing.

Quite understandably it is that it is not easy to have your content stand out but it is something not impossible.

It is just that it might take a lot of time, efforts and determination to make it happen.

For it to happen, you need to start by creating a documented strategy and work on improving your content.

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