10 First Steps to Rank On Google With Your Online Business

10 First Steps to Rank On Google With Your Online Business

If right now I was proposing to launch another online business or trying to learn how to become an affiliate marketer, one of my first concerns would be how to position my website on the Internet so that I had visibility and in the medium term I could start getting sales online.

And for that, I would have 2 possible ways of working. On the one hand, hire an SEO Agency that will take me the positioning, which would involve a monthly cost more or less high.

Or try to position my website by myself taking advantage of what is positioning in search engines, in order to get out on Google as soon as possible.

These are the two most common options when it comes to working on search engine positioning. And of them, the 2nd is the one that most companies choose, although many times the reason for choosing this option is cost savings and not that we really know how to do it.

An important error, because in reality that “cost savings” sought becomes “I can not sell and even less position my website.”

Do you know why? … Think if any of these situations are similar to yours.

Because we only see the cost and not the importance of web positioning and everything that needs to be done. And, because:

  • we think that going out on Google is sucked and it will not cost me any time
  • surely we know someone or we have a brother-in-law who knows about SEO
  • we believe that to position my web in Google, experts are not needed
  • we have been told that 10 keywords are enough to improve SEO etc.

How to position my website on Google? How to improve the SEO of my website? What to do to position my website? Where to place my web page?

By default, these are the 4 questions that we ask ourselves in this regard. Think that in the end, all companies need search engine positioning to get visibility on Google. Therefore, it will be necessary for your online business to start as soon as possible to work on a web positioning strategy that allows you to rank on Google and thus start attracting Leads and customers.

Positioning is, first of all, knowing how to offer some kind of quality content, product or service to your users or target audience, covering a need or interest you are looking for on the internet.

And for this there are no tricks, only work, strategy and specific tactics, some of which I will teach you so you can rank a website on Google.

Go for it!

What to do to rank on Google? 10 first steps to position your website

Regardless of whether you have an online store, a website selling or hiring services or similar, your main need to start selling is to get visibility for your online business.

So suddenly your goal in the short-medium term is to rank on Google so they can find you.

There are many SEO actions you can take, but here I am going to leave you the first 10 steps that you can take to position your website on Google.

1. Analyze what interests your target audience

Your audience will give you the positioning, not Google. Whoever buys you will always be a person, not Google.

It’s the first thing I think whenever I start to position a website for a client, I have to define the public of this web page.

Do you know who is your target, your target audience?

If you want to rank on Google by certain words, you have to know first of all what kind of people or companies are going to look for it and what their needs are, because based on those needs you will position your website.

What most interests me when it comes to positioning my website on the internet is to get users who enter it from a Google search and have a real interest in buying.

Visits are rendered useless to your website if the users do not end up buying anything. I want clients and to make the first segmentation of interest, SEO helps a lot.

It is very important to be able to define well the target audience or Buyer person of your online business because this way you can focus on it and get your products and/or services see solutions to your needs or problems and not one more company.

2. Design effective sales funnel that allows you to get sales

The Sales Funnel is the ideal representation of how you are going to achieve, accompany and guide users along the journey from simple visits, until they become interested in one of your products, up to that you convert them into customers.

Within the sales funnel is where you really design the entire marketing strategy of your online business. If you want to know a little more, I recommend you read the following article that I leave you on how to design a Sales Funnel.

3. Design a web or online store prepared to get sales

The number one standard of usability, says that a web or online store has to be very simple, but at the same time effective in its communication processes, customer orientation, and purchasing processes.

If any of these factors does not work properly, you will never be able to position my website on Google and you will only have visits, sales will never arrive.

4. Choose the best keywords for your online business

Choosing the best keywords is essential to improve SEO and rank on Google.

It is one of the first aspects that I work with any client to try to position their website in the first place for the searches that users do in Google.

Keywords could be defined as those terms that refer to not only what you do, but also to the way users look for it. If the chosen term is adequate, you will be able to position your website more easily and it will also be easier to get sales for your online business.

5. Create effective Landing Page to get quality Leads

The Landing Page or landing pages are pages that are created exclusively when you work an Online Sales Funnel and/or carry out paid online advertising campaigns, whether of Facebook Ads or Adwords.

The Landing Pages must be totally oriented to the sales since the users are directly redirected to them and you may use them to offer gifts or Lead Magnet of high value for the user.

6. Give your website a good SEO On Page

The SEO On Page is to apply a series of SEO recommendations from Google to your own website. It is the basis on which to position your website in search engines.

It is mainly about taking advantage of the keywords you have defined previously and placing them on your website. Do not forget that before deciding where to place your web page, it has to be well done and finished.

The SEO On Page is based on the work on labels and Meta tags like the Description, Title and others on each of the pages of your website or online store, in order to help you position your website on Google.

7. Use the blog. Create an effective content strategy

Creating a blog and putting content to work is one of the best ways to position your website in the first place of Google for certain terms.

A blog brings freshness to an online business and also makes it much easier to work positioning and thus rank on Google.

In fact, I will tell you that 66% of the companies that write a post a week on their blog increase their sales significantly, because they are reaching their potential customers through a complementary channel.

The blog will always allow you to combine online marketing actions in a more effective way. By having a blog on your website, you have a base to reach the user and cover their information needs much better. This helps you to position your website in the search engines, but also to expand your activity by combining it with mailing and social networks.

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8. Make a quality Linkbuilding

The Link building consists of getting inbound links that point to your website from external domains.

Within the 200 factors that make up the positioning algorithm of Google, the Linkbuilding or recruitment of links occupies the second position in importance, so it is one of the main tools to position your website.

Link building is one of the most important web positioning actions to be carried out but also one of the most complex. Doing it on your own without knowing how can cause you to fall into a Google penalty that will cost you a lot to leave in the future.

9. Make a good diffusion in social networks

Social networks help much more than you think when it comes to positioning your website. Although they do not directly affect SEO as such, all social networks and their contents can appear on the Google results pages.

In addition, if you have an online store and a web page, they will greatly help you achieve relevance and influence, two very important factors that will help you to achieve brand awareness and improve your online communication.

Of course, keep in mind that social networks are not just mediums for publishing, you have to work a combined social media strategy that allows you to generate more quality impacts.

In addition, all social networks allow paid campaigns. Especially Facebook Ads can be of special interest to get sales on the internet.

10. Email Marketing campaigns

Email marketing is one of the online marketing actions with the best return today, although it has to be done correctly to avoid falling into SPAM.

Email marketing helps in starting a communication directly with your potential client. Within the strategy designed in a sales funnel, the role of mailing is essential, although you may have to work with Mail Automation or Autoresponder actions.

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