Steps You Need to Follow to Make Your Brand Recognizable Online

With the increasing competition in the market, it has become difficult to maintain a brand presence online. 

Businesses partake in different digital marketing strategies to reach a wider customer base. The website logos, blog content, fonts, website color schemes, and reputation play a predominant role in how they are perceived by the audience. 

A recognizable brand will have higher sales and a higher ROI than another existing company in a similar niche. 

To gain the trust and credibility of potential customers, it is crucial to understand how to make the brand recognizable. 

But how to surpass the other renowned brands, and how to attract customers to your website? 

These simple tips and tricks for brand recognition would take you a long way. 

  • Know Your Target Audience 

It is important to know the company’s core values and target the appropriate audience group. For instance, if your brand promotes products for acne-prone skin and you are targeting the kids’ age group, it is not going to achieve the expected results. 

People are always attracted to the products/services that fulfill their needs and follow the same mantra. 

Before building a brand, be clear on what you want the brand to be like. Even if you are targeting a particular niche, you need to be clear on what is the company’s USP. 

Take advantage of google analytics for searching your competitors. Surf the websites that appear on the top of search engines.

Build your brand on social media platforms to reach the target audience easily. Try to engage with the audience as much as you can. 

Besides, it is advantageous to know which social media platform is the preferred choice of your target audience.

Pro Tip- Test your website, before launching, to get an insight into the user’s experience

  • Enhance Social Media Presence 

Various social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Youtube, and Reddit have become the prime choice of customers. 

Add your social media profiles to your website. About 4.48 billion people use different social media platforms, and more than 50% of the sales for various industries come from social media. 

Social media marketing is a lot more fun and easier than email marketing. You do not have to be formal on social media channels. 

About 75% of the people ignore promotional emails, and not even 50% of the remaining take the action. 

Further, being consistent is an important aspect of social media marketing. You cannot gain success by publishing social media content once in every blue moon. 

To make your brand recognizable, you need to be updated with the trends and use them to maximum efficiency. 

Besides posting regularly, engage with the audience as much as possible. Solve their queries and interact with them to know their perspective. 

To gain views on your social media ads and posts, use relevant and trending hashtags

Another key point is to understand the time of activity of the target audience. Different users have different activity times on social media. 

  • Add Relevant Content

Content marketing is a great way to give your brand the kickstart. Your website will get traffic only if it is on top of google rankings

A customer looking for some product/service will surf through the first few website links. You can opt for whitepapers, short and long blogs, videos, or featured content. No matter what type, the content should be relevant and satisfactory for the customers. 

While creating the content, try to keep the same tone and motive as the brand. Different tones and mottos might confuse the audience, and they would not be able to connect with the brand. 

Creating blog content also helps with keyword stuffing. Long-tail keywords are recognized by Google keyword analysis, and they are easier to add to website blogs. 

Further, providing them with useful knowledge would help you gain their trust. In return, it builds the company’s reputation. 

  • Minimalist Visuals 

Visual aesthetics can take your brand a long way. More than the written content, visual appearances attract customers. 

Give your website a minimalist approach. Choosing a color scheme might get overwhelming. With the thousands of options available, what color scheme is best for your brand? 

If this question pesters you, then it is time to hire the best graphic designer. The graphic designer knows the color schemes and the psychology behind them. 

You can take the visuals to the next level with custom illustrations. However, keep in mind to not let the illustrations overpower your products. 

During brand building, people often neglect the fonts on the website. It is a basic thing, but of utmost importance. 

Pro Tip- Use minimalist fonts that are simple yet effective. Do not go overboard with the website fonts. 

  • Brand Promotion

After building your brand and getting online on various social media platforms, it is time for strategic promotion of the brand. 

Various marketing strategies benefit different types of industries. Some B2B businesses might benefit from email marketing, while some B2C businesses from social media. 

However, spending hours curating the perfect email and sending them to prospective clients might be a daunting task. Various platforms like WooCommerce offer in-built email tools that save you plenty of time. 

Blogging is another way to promote your brand. Blogging not only attracts customers to some useful information on the website, but it also gives an insight into what your website offers. 

Further, blogging ensures that you can provide hyperlinks to the products and services on your website. You can even add CTA and existing offers on your website. 

Major Takeaways 

A successful business is not only about building a website. It is about building the brand. These tips are pretty easy to follow but would bestow many positive outcomes. 

Try to remain consistent in the brand promotion and interact with as many potential customers as you can. 

Further, incorporate the trending digital marketing strategies, suitable for your brand. If this all seems too overwhelming, you can hire the best digital marketing agency