Why Must You Stop Finding Happiness? 

All our lives are spent finding happiness. Yet we fail miserably in reaching even close to what we believe is true happiness.

What is happiness?

If you think deeply, you would agree that it’s a mere state of mind. There are days when life seems to be full of happiness and then there are days full of misery.

If you’re a thinker like me you would agree that life just happens to us. There is one thing after another. It’s only our mind that has attached different meanings to different events.

By winning a lottery, our luck is going to shine and it’s going to be the happiest moment of our lives.

If our child gets enrolled in a good university, we will accomplish everything in life.

We long for that meeting with our loved one because it will give us ultimate happiness in life.

For how long does this happiness last?

As soon as a lottery is won, the sadness looms in because the taxes will now have to be paid to the government.

The moment your child gets admitted to a top university, you start worrying about his annual package and marriage.

After waiting for years to meet your dear one, when that meeting finally happens you become miserable thinking about the short meeting and separation thereafter.

The happiness is always short-lived. It is nothing but small, temporary moments here and there. In fact, it is just one of those emotional states that are largely controlled by external factors. And the process of finding happiness is eternal.

Why I Insist on Seeking Contentment in Life?

Those who thrive on finding happiness in the world are the ones who commit gross mistakes in their life. What you must strive hard, however, is to find contentment. While your happiness is controlled by outer forces, your contentment is controlled by your inner core.

It is only when you’re contented from inside you enjoy the beauty of life. It helps you to find peace and satisfaction in every small moment. It leads us on a path where we start making choices that encourage us to be compassionate towards life and our own selves. We rise above ‘if this happens‘ attitude that has conditioned our minds and bodies in such a way that we have become slaves to materialism.

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Finding Your “Thing”

The moment you find your passion in life and when you can start associating yourself with something or some specific role of yours, you embark yourself on the journey that leads to contentment.

For example, I associate my life with words. This realization was not, however, dawned immediately after I passed out from university/ school. Not even when I entered the professional world. My life has not always been same. I struggled hard to find what I was passionate about doing in life. But ever since I entered into Blogging full-time, I find myself to be a changed person. I find myself more contented. Nevertheless, there are many things that remain the same. There are days that bring happiness and there are days that bring sadness. At least, I now understand none of them is going to stay for long.

It’s just that when you’re in the flow of your activity (it happens automatically when you find your thing), you develop the right attitude to deal with messy things in your life. You start identifying yourself with the right things, develop self-belief and above all you find purpose in your life. You gain inner strength that helps you filter problems in your life.

You need to move out of your comfort zone to find what that personal thing of yours is. Upon finding it, you need to grow and nurture it with love, passion, and care. Without even realizing, you’ll stop wasting time in finding happiness. Rather, you’ll be determined in your contentment.

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