What makes Tani Grewal a Woman Influencer?

Our #BloggingAnecdotes campaign is a series of articles launched with an objective of sharing inspirational and motivational stories from around the world.

Because ‘Women Empowerment’ is a subject that is really close to us- there couldn’t be a better way to launch this campaign than to cover the story of a lady influencer.

Our first #BloggingAnecdotes is of Tani Grewal, who is a director of The Little Kingdom Nursery School, Ludhiana. She doesn’t run a usual preschool but a kindergarten that is at par with the international standards. Her story is about women empowerment and how she carved her own path. She balances work and family, has created an amazing environment where she nourishes kids at their most tender age. A lady full of enthusiasm and vibrant energy, she has revolutionized the system of schooling in her city. To cut it short, her journey is an inspiration!

Her Entrepreneurial Journey: An Offshoot of her Passion for Teaching

To this beautiful lady inside and outside, her school was never a business idea. Teaching has always been her passion and something she enjoyed even in her childhood days. She reminiscences about her childhood days when as a young girl she would watch her mother get ready for school every day and bring the joy of learning to many young hearts. Even as a young girl, she would check the notebooks of her mother’s students and help her make charts/ teaching aids for their enhanced learning.

A firm believer in “Do what you love and love what you do”, she found her heart in the teaching profession. Thus, The Little Kingdom was born. Today, her school is the place where she attains her inner peace.

Gliding into Light and Knowledge

Each story that brings forth a change is beautiful. And, the beauty lies in a fact that it overcame challenges. The Little Kingdom’s real challenge was to bring awareness to parents regarding the importance of high-quality pre-schooling. She emphasizes high-quality pre-schooling as it maximizes the overall development of a little one. By the same token, a child grows the fastest on all parameters till the age of 5. She glided through all the challenges by continuing doing what she believed in. A meticulous lady, she rejoices over the fact that she left it completely on the parents to see the honest work done by her team.

Success Mantra

On being asked about her success mantra, there comes a prompt reply:

“Be original, be fair, always speak and uphold the truth, help those in need and finally work hard- work very hard.I can’t stress enough on the amount of hard work I put into my work. Actually, the thought process and spirit from when I began my journey is still in place, 12 years later.”

Seeing kids at her school achieve milestones one after another, she is ensured that she is on the right path. It is a delight to see how the school fosters a love of learning in its children right at the start of their educational journey. The kids are excellent communicators, creative souls, and beautiful orators.

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The Balancing Act of a Mompreneur

Talking about the equal importance of work and family, she seems to have successfully attained a balance between the two. While it is a common sight to see mothers juggling their professional lives with motherhood tasks, it’s all positive and good for this Mompreneur. Being a mother of two beautiful daughters, she feels that planning and time management are key essentials.

“My work makes me happy, being a happy mother makes my family happy and my work makes my children proud of me.”- Tani Grewal

Further, she reveals how her daughter’s achievements keep her motivated all the time and she loves being a role model to them.

Words of Wisdom

A woman who dazzles every parent with her success, beauty and raises kids who love to learn has a message for every woman who wants to be an entrepreneur:

“Find what you are passionate about, be bold to take the path you believe in, be clear and focused on your destination, learn to prioritize as there is no room for distractions and finally be original.”

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