How to Strike the Right Emotional Chord with Your Readers?

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]My life has taught me that sooner or later people will forget what you did, they will hardly remember the things you said but they will never forget how you made them feel. Your work is no exception. If you’re a blogger or a writer, you simply can’t underestimate the significance of striking the right chords with your readers. Not convinced?

Consider this:

It just happened that you fell in love with someone because most of the decisions we make in life are unconscious. You thought it to be a true love but it fizzled out with time. Why?

There are some who will blame it on passing time but do you think it has something to do with time?


It happens when that passion is missing and when you’re unable to strike the right emotional chord with your partner. The moment the right chord strikes, you start finding your relationship at greater heights.

The same goes for your relationship with your readers. You need to connect with them on emotional grounds and offer them experiences they won’t forget. You’ve to make them feel sad and happy at the same time, give them enough reasons to laugh with joy and cry with emotions.

Striking the Right Emotional Chord

Identifying the Needs of Your Readers

To connect with your readers on deeper levels, you’ll have to listen to them as it will help you in identifying their needs. You’ll also have to research on how to enhance their experience. It can help you to take constant feedback from them by using different means and platforms.

In my case, the research work and analysis reveal that there is a maximum user engagement on posts that share my experiences of life and work. One of my very simple posts titled “I love coffee!” had a much higher audience engagement than several other posts in which no personal details were shared.

It, therefore, works for me to share my own stuff. And that makes a lot of sense. There is no use writing the similar content when the internet is already loaded with hundreds of posts on the same topic.

By Being Socially Responsible

When you support a social cause, your readers are likely to engage with you on better grounds. They would want to come back when they know you’re delivering content that can change the lives of people. As said earlier in my posts, women empowerment is a topic sensitive to me and I do my best to support the cause even if in a small way by writing posts on topics that can help women become financially independent and thus, feel empowered. Remember, a small gesture goes a long way in making readers believe in your work.

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By Talking Beyond Work

The basis of your work should be direct conversations with your readers. Don’t use this platform to talk about a given topic only but go beyond it.  However, you need to be an expert so as not to go overboard. Refrain yourself from making any attempts that can be annoying for your readers or can disengage them even a bit. Talk about things that can rattle their brain and stir their soul.

By Building Trust

The most important component involved in making it possible to strike the right chords is trust. Always remember, your readers’ come with certain expectations. It is your moral duty to deliver what you promise, without any exception. Small things like consistency are the game changer for your blogging/ writing business.

Final words:

The worst you can do is to keep your eyes and ears close towards your readers’ subtle desires. In order to stay ahead of your competitors, you need to deliver content that makes your readers feel overwhelmed.

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