Why Should you take your Work Seriously if you Want to be Unforgettable?


**An Honest Confession**

Firstly through this blog post, I aim at talking to different sets of people. It’s ok to think that it is just another marketing gimmick. And to an extent, you’re not wrong either. As a blogger, I certainly need to target greater amount of audience. But the objective here is a lot more meaningful. The motivation is to make you understand that each one of us can make our lives unforgettable.

Before I tell you, how it is done, there are some questions:

Has it bothered you even once how will you be remembered when you’re gone forever?

Or, will you be remembered at all?

Or, will it be only your folks missing you?

With all honesty, thinking about death and writing about it at the same time can be horrible. Some of you may even get tremors while reading this. Nothing should make you feel scared or discouraged. My dear readers, a bitter truth is:

“All of us want to be remembered for eternity. No one likes not being missed.”

A bigger question, however, is how to make this happen?

Is it possible without dedicating our lives to prayers and rounds of charity?  Or, without doing some acts of heroism?

Well, I am going to tell you something here. I am an avid reader of great biographies or autobiographies of all time.

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One thing common to all great men and women is that they worshiped their work. They valued nothing more than their work. And, their dedication to work made them different and thus, unforgettable.

How to Become Unforgettable?

Dedication of Mother Teresa towards serving mankind made her the Saint Teresa. Therefore, it’s all about setting your workplace on fire. Further, it’s about searching for a spark in your work. Deep inside, each one of us has fears, ambitions, and desires, and your job is to help people experience those emotions with a quality of your work.

For writers, just don’t write another story. Write something with so much passion that motivates your readers and takes their sleep away. Give your readers sleepless nights and days full of dreams.

For doctors, make your patients feel that you just gave them a shock of a defibrillator. Show them a lot of empathy and you shall never be forgotten.

For teachers, give your students such a story that they feel charged if not forever, at least for a day. There are greater responsibilities bestowed upon you than just 30 minutes or 60 minutes subject lecture.

For mothers, don’t just raise your children but raise them in such a manner that they are able to find their spark.

And for all others, work to create a long lasting impact on your clients, bosses, and subordinates. Indulge yourself in such powerful conversations that they influence a change in others lives. Encourage them to think about you at least for a few minutes after they bid you farewell.

When your Time is Finally There!

When it’s your time to pass into the great beyond, what it is that is going to matter? The amount of money you earned in your lifetime, the number of awards you received, or the fame you got?

It may matter something else to you but to me, it is the difference I made in other people’s lives. How my words encouraged them to take that one step forward to shed their negativity, find true happiness and their only purpose of being on this planet Earth?

Those are the things we are here for. Those are the only things that should matter. And, those are the things for which we should get to our work.

It’s time for some action! Someone out there is waiting for you. Goodbye until we meet next time!

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