Template for Pitching a Guest Post that Gets You a ‘YES’

Even after blogging for so many years, one thing I still find difficult and tricky is pitching a guest post to bloggers, websites and publications. Out of my experience, I have luckily managed to learn some useful tricks that make the task relatively easier.  Nevertheless, it requires a lot of hard work and creativity in making the post a perfect pitch.

Talking about guest posts, they are important as they help you gain exposure. But should you be doing them for free in the beginning or even at later stages? If you’re a newbie and have no published links to showcase your work, it makes sense to do a couple of guest posts even if you’ve to do it for free in the beginning to build your portfolio and gain exposure. Depending on your profile, it might not make much sense later to put in hours of work for free in exchange for no money.

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Next important question is what is the best way to pitch that maximizes your chances of yes and getting your prospect to agree on what you deserve to be paid?

Given below are some tips that will help you in getting the response you want when you’re pitching a guest post:

Offer Fresh and Unique Ideas

Use your creativity and knowledge so as to offer fresh and unique ideas to editors within your content. Remember, their only objective is to grab the attention of their readers and it happens when you provide a unique and different perspective on the topic. Or, choose topics that have not been covered before and can provide them a great exposure.

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Fit into the Website’s Writing Style

It is pivotal that you match your writing style and tone of voice with the tone of voice of publication or blog you’re pitching to. This is a common expectation of all the editors and blog/ website owners. It is, therefore, important that you research their writing style beforehand. Given that there are abundant high-authority blogs and websites, there is absolutely no need to try too hard to fit in. It is better any day to stick to blogs/ websites that share your style and nature of writing. A match is, indeed, important.

Why should you be considered?

When everyone out there is desperate on launching himself/ herself as a blogger/ freelance writer, why should you be their choice? Are you an expert in your writing niche? What makes you different from other writers? Do you have a huge following on social media?

You need to give editors some really convincing reasons for them to consider your post for publication or for that matter even feel motivated to read your post.

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Know who you’re going to address

Do you really use “To whom it may concern” line in the body of your e-mail when you pitch a guest post?

If you’re doing it, it is almost certain that your pitch is finding its way to trash boxes. By doing this, you reflect zero professionalism and no understanding of how you should be doing your work.

In case it is difficult to find a name of the person to address in their “contact us” section, you may use Google to find the contact to whom you should send your query to.

Finally, there is no harm in following up in case there has been no reply. It could just be that your email got missed or lost in a spam folder. But make sure you give them sufficient time to reply or at least wait for the response time frame (if mentioned). The most crucial thing, however, is that your guest post pitch must look professional demonstrating your talent and experience. You don’t have to make it look like an effort of some desperate amateur.

Template for Pitching a Guest Post

Given below is the template that you can use to draft your pitch. Needless to say, you can customize it depending on your profile and requirements.

Dear (Name),

I have been following your blog/ website for quite some time and find your content very engaging. I specialize in (niche) writing and have been working as a (your designation) since last (number) years. I would love to contribute an article entitled (topic) for your site as I strongly believe its idea will resonate deeply with your audience. The article highlights (summary).

(Highlight your skills in 3-4 lines)

Thank you for your time and consideration. I look forward to hearing from you. 

With kindest regards,


The given template forms a basic and perfect guideline for newbies as well as seasoned writers.

Did you find the post useful? I would love to have your feedback in the comment section below.