The Blogging Insights for My Indian Fellas!

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As a stay-at-home parent or may be merely out of your writing passion, have you ever considered making Blogging your full-time career? And, are you looking for some paid writing gigs?

If your head is nodding in affirmation, you might just consider reading this post. Many of you might already be making money blogging and few others might just be beginners. The doubts that seem to pop up here are:

Have you all really mastered the rules of the game?

Are you being paid modestly?

Or, is it exactly like any other Indian employer paying your meagerly?

Just to tell my folks, all throughout my life I have loathed the scanty pay-checks the Indian employers would pay.

Rules of the Blogging Game

The catch of the game, blogging that is, is to get paid exactly the same as your foreign counterparts. What enchants you as a blogger: 500-word write-up for 250 Indian Rupees or $20? If I thought it right, dollars are certainly potent. Here is a lowdown of a few powerful insights that I have gained as a professional blogger:

Blogging Insights

  • The usual law of work-visa doesn’t apply to the vast number of remote or virtual businesses in the field of Blogging or Content writing. Thus, I always prioritize doing writing gigs for clients outside India. The perks are rewarding. Besides a stronger portfolio, it would even fetch me more money.
  • There are going to be numerous rejections and most of the job postings would require you to be native speakers of English. As a matter of the fact, being a resident of the country whose first language is not English is going to be a major disadvantage. But isn’t it that a successful person is one who knows how to turn tides in his favor. (For instance, all my profiles particularly highlight that I ‘m based in India. But, it doesn’t make me any less popular among  foreign clients) Not to mention, keep scanning job boards until you successfully find jobs that match your professional criteria.

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  • I have not come across a better platform than LinkedIn to find better-paying and modest private clients. It might just be, too, early for you to focus your resources on private clients. Not that big a deal. You may, nevertheless, easily apply to figure out as a freelance blogger or content writer.
  • You can very easily consider mastering yourself in almost any possible area of your interest or knowledge. By way of example, there are popular blogs even on cookery, parenting or for that matter maternity. Think back, the world of blogging is full of chances.
  • Having read all this, you might find it taxing to find the highest paying gigs in a particular niche. Nevertheless, you don’t have to worry about finding gigs if you have taken up to blogging. My blog is moving to take charge of that. Exciting! Simply drop me a line about your field of interest in writing and I will e-mail you the ultimate list of the highest paying gigs in that class.

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