The Concept of Graphic Design and Graphic Designer

With the continued digital age, the need to engage audiences is increasing tremendously. Psychologically, humans may not remember what they read. However, the images get imprinted in their minds.

Thus, it is also considered an origin of visual communication.

Creating visually appealing images and website pages entices the viewers to surf through the website a little longer. 

Consciously we might not notice; nonetheless, graphic design surrounds us. From bottle labels to huge billboards, all is the work of a graphic designer.

But what if graphic design is more than just a bottle label and candy wrapper? Is the work of a graphic designer as easy as it sounds?

Well, not really! Delve further into this article and find more than what meets the eyes. 

What is Graphic Design?

In simpler words, graphic design is a method to communicate with the audience via online or offline platforms. 

The online route mostly includes web page designs, brand logos, and social media ads. Printed media is the offline course of visual communication. 

Graphic designing is a complete package of all the colors, shapes, images, and words. Further, an efficacious graphic design is a result of arranging these parameters in a creative and modernist way. 

Graphic design is broadly categorized in three ways.

  • Visual Graphic Design

The graphic designers use visual elements to create the brand logo, typography, and image libraries. 

The brand identity is the logo. It needs to be memorable and emotionally significant. 

When we think of Facebook or Instagram, the first visual in our mind is of their logo; specifically colors. The color scheme plays a great role in portraying an image of the brand. 

  • Web Designing

After brand building, the next crucial step is to design the e-commerce website. Some web developers even use Shopify for interface development. 

A graphic designer needs to plan and build the appearance, layout, structure, and design of websites. Overall, it should create an appealing experience.

  • Marketing and Advertisements

The success of a company depends on marketing tactics. Often strong content is ignored if the visual content is not appealing. 

The scroll-stopping graphics makes it easier to promote and communicate the products and services. 

What is the Role of a Graphic Designer?

  • A graphic designer brings together all the aspects of the design. Creative designing involves color palettes, images, Gifys, fonts, pixels, alignment, text, background scheme, and the rule of thirds. 
  • Graphic designers promote the products and services via billboard design, packaging, and social media marketing
  • Graphic designers create modern and trending design concepts for websites.
  • Communicate with the client and understand the requirements.
  • Review all errors in the design.
  • Incorporate the new changes suggested by the clients.
  • Graphic designers need to work on the text and images simultaneously. 
  • Graphic designers need to comprehend what scheme will complement which visual graphics.
  • Able to handle complex ideas and video content.
  • Graphic designers need to provide top-notch quality visual content.

What are Skills Required for a Graphic Designer?

  • Understanding the principles

A graphic designer should be aware of the principles involved in graphic design. The designer needs to curate the products’ intended messages.

A graphic connoisseur knows how to bring together all the basic principles such as lines, shapes, colors, space, texture, and gradients, and bring harmony and visuals to the content. 

  • Generating Ideas

It is pretty crucial for a graphic designer to up his/her game in the graphic field. Graphic designing is an art of constant learning. 

The work of a graphic designer has become easier with the launch of new technologies and software. 

A graphic designer’s work includes creating new ideas based on the trending ideology and keeping in mind the user’s intent. 

  • Branding knowledge

The graphic designer should be aware of the difference between a professional and a fun website. A doctor would not want to promote his/her services with some memes or trending news. 

They would rather want very sophisticated and simple visual content for their target audience. 

Graphic designers should be wise to know the branding tactics for different brand types. 

  • Technology

As said, technology is constantly evolving. The graphic designer ought to be aware of the quarterly or yearly updates of the software. 

The software mainly used by graphic designers includes Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, and Adobe in-design. 

Further, it can benefit the designers to have some knowledge about HTML and CSS. 

Where do Graphic Designers Work?

Graphic designers have the opportunity to either work in some agency or work as in-house graphic designers. This provides them the freedom to earn sitting at home. 


An agency graphic designer works in either a digital marketing firm or some marketing and advertising agency. This is beneficial, especially for a novice. 

It would open a window to learn some skills and technicalities under the guidance of the colleagues and team. 

The designer might work one day on website design or even some social media posts. The other day he/she might be undertaking logo designing for a brand. 

The versatility in the job profile makes it all the more interesting and educational. 

  • In-House

An in-house graphic designer works with a company that needs to promote and advertise its products and services. 

Some companies do not wish to outsource their graphic designing services to a digital marketing company.

The graphic designer fashions the company’s logo, website pages, and social media advertisements. 

The Gist of the Matter

Graphic designers are required by every company and website to gain traffic and generate leads. 

The work of a graphic designer is full of skills along with creativity. 

If you wish to be a graphic designer, you should learn the skills and incorporate trending tools to create visually appealing content. 

If you have some experience in the graphic designing field you might be aware of these skills and it is time to create your digital portfolio.