The Movie ‘SANJU’-Worth a ponder

Hey please let me tell you I am, by no means, a movie blogger. We just happened to watch ‘Sanju’ yesterday and yes, Mr. Ranbir Kapoor, you deserve all the accolades for impersonating Sanjay Dutt so well. It took me a second to recognize who it was in the first scene. The movie kept our attention undivided till the last (additional courtesy –my younger one who slept throughout the flick).

The Parenting Lesson

movie sanju

I witnessed a very strong father-son bond wherein a father sacrificed all that he could, just to save his son. However, my bone of contention, being a mother of two sons, is as to how the son (Sanjay Dutt) got his hands on so much money to fall in for vices like drugs and alcohol (due apologies to late Shri. Sunil Dutt ji). The parenting lesson lies here that one mustn’t give undeterred and unaccounted money. It surely encourages vices and bad company consequently. Today, we all are so consumed up in climbing the professional and social ladders that money is becoming the easy replacement of our time with kids. Our time with kids is irreplaceable and there are no short-cuts in raising a child.

Life Lessons

As a child, I was always fascinated by stardom and the fame they get being an actor. The movie made me learn that it isn’t any easy pleasing everyone and being a son of the legend is definitely a tough call as a child, with an exemplary example just in front of you. ‘KUCH TO LOG KAHENGE’, which means that no matter what, the gossip mongers will say something in each situation anyhow. We must be able to stand up for ourselves, for our rights, for our convictions. We must not be let down by our peer, friends or anyone known or strange.

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 Keep trying hard and work towards your goal, howsoever tough the path might be. How Sunil Dutt is able to lead Sanjay Dutt out of the way of the underworld goons was highly appreciable! As a parent, we must be able to build that confidence in our child that we are an unmistakable backbone for him/ her in all situations.

The power of words and the strength of media also played a major role in Sanjay Dutt’s life. On a lighter note, it was just the news and newspapers Mr.Dutt had to deal with back then. He was quite lucky; he didn’t have to deal with Snapchat, Instagram and Facebook pressures. We have to deal with these too even while on a holiday. Hail modern technology! Hail sanity!

The basic essence of a happy life is to have a caring family, one or two ‘friends for life’ (not 2000 Instagram followers or Facebook friends) and a loving and supportive spouse (who stands with you in each thick and thin). Sanjay Dutt is surely blessed by all three of these and they indeed helped him come out of each travesty in life.

Image source:, barbarossaa-male-sovereignty