3 Things you Must Know if you are on the Path to Self-Improvement


What is Life?
Is life all about wealth, health, and success?

If you have a deep and an articulate desire for something beyond daily life and if you understand that life, often, puts new challenges; you will soon know this is the place for you. As you seek deeper meanings and enrichment in your life, that is, as you move ahead on the path to self-improvement; there are things for you to know:

1. Experience Love

Love comes in different forms, shapes, and sizes. There are different types of love as explained by psychologists. A relationship between couples, respect for grandparents, bonding between friends, etc may reflect different forms of love.

Why Experiencing Love in Whatever Form it maybe is Important?

Love is not merely a complex emotion as we manifested it all the time. The heart is, often, epitomized as a symbol of love. It is, however, our brain that generates the chemical signals for making us understand love. This theory explains the in-depth significance of loving someone in an unworldly and saintly manner.

The way is not in the sky. The way is in the heart.-Buddha

A reservoir of energy, this institution, has a potential to unleash the power that you have not experienced before. If you master the art of loving unconditionally, you will start finding yourself in a realm of possibilities and limitless space. Even more, it helps you in understanding the true purpose to your life. Experiencing love is, indeed, a roller-coaster ride full of mixed emotions, magic, and blissfulness.

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Embracing love is the only solution to see you as a highly improved individual. Finally, love is something that will free you of all pain as it will open your eyes to greater purposes in life. It will open up a whole world that, otherwise, can’t be done by any number of books or wise men. And, your life will shun away from all the negativity and pessimism.

Embracing love is the only solution to see you as a highly improved individual.

2. Embrace Reverence for Work

It may take you years to find yourself on the path of enlightenment and it may take you forever if you don’t embrace this: “Work is Worship”. These words are no less than a mighty force that has a potential to transform your life in an unforeseen manner.

If the great Lord Krishna in Mahabharata (Indian Epic) could wash the feet of the guests who had come for a ceremony known as ‘Rajasuya Yaga’ with utmost humility, we as mere disciples can take up to the completion of designated tasks at all the costs. We must, therefore, value our work and never leave it unfinished.


No joy is bigger than a joy of completing your work, meeting deadlines and reaching your goals. As soon as you take work-completion seriously, you will find yourself on the path to self-improvement. Subsequently, your work will take you to the places unknown and never felt before.

“Work is Worship”

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3. Enforce Discipline

Discipline is a way of life, where your lives have an orientation towards self-improvement and self-control. It helps you learn the art of prioritizing the things in your life. It is not about being harsh to you, but being regulated and directed towards a right direction.

You need to incorporate self- discipline for the reasons given below:
• If you want to stay focused and determined
• To steer away from bad eating habits
• For improving your lifestyle and experience good health


Additionally, it helps you in achieving your desired goals. The success starts coming your way and your life gets surrounded by love and happiness. Needless to say, this is one of the virtues possessed by all the highly successful people. Call it a universal law or golden rule of life, but there is no substitute for self-discipline.

It is not about being harsh to you, but being regulated and directed towards a right direction.

Having said all this, I am eager to know your thoughts on this subject. Besides, you must never hesitate in posting comments.

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