Tips on How to Network When You Work-from-Home

While you work-from-home, you get to enjoy the comfort of your home and roam around the entire day in your pajamas. The obvious feeling, however, is that work-from-home restricts your networking opportunities and this may harm you in a number of ways. This is indeed far from reality. People working from remote locations can network just like traditional workers. It’s just that you need to be smart enough in making the right use of resources at the right time so as to be able to carry out effective networking.

If you work-from-home, you may wish to scroll down in case you are on keen on learning different ways to network:

1. Think of a Co-Working Day

Even if you have a freedom to work from your home office, you don’t have to be lonely all the time. You may consider setting up a co-working day with a professional in the field of your work. A change in environment will boost your productivity levels and you’ll feel reenergized ready to focus on your work with the greater amount of attention. You may even use this opportunity to trade tips regarding your work.

Choose a low-maintenance project to work on, or catch up on your emails in case your co-working buddy likes to chat too much. Alternatively, co-work at home over a chat or conferencing tool such as Skype or Slack.

2. Use Co-Working Sites

Have you ever tried working at a coffee shop?

A change in environment can really boost up your productivity levels and help you know more people. In case you prefer quiet places that give you an office like feel, you may consider utilizing co-working spaces.

Co-working sites can be really appropriate in case you have some meeting lined up with a client. All you need to do is pay a small membership fee or rent.

3. Join LinkedIn Groups

By joining LinkedIn Groups that are related to your field of work, you’ll be able to make connections in the industry. Depending on the area of your interest and location, you may filter your search and join groups accordingly.

While you’re allowed to join up to 100 groups, it certainly makes sense to join only those groups in which members are active. Use these groups to engage yourself in meaningful and engaging conversations. By using this as a platform to showcase your skills and knowledge, it is possible that you may find people who are interested in exploring more promising and rewarding career opportunities with you.

4. Follow-up with Your Contacts

Many would agree that it helps you to be social with professionals in your field. Even though remote interactions with people in your network can help you touch base but in-person meetings always yield better results.

By meeting your contacts for coffee or a drink and talking business is highly recommended in case you wish to make an optimal use of your network.

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5. Network at Conferences and Events

There is a huge probability for work-from-home employees to get lonely and start losing their enthusiasm.  It is, therefore, important for them to expand their professional network so as to expose themselves to better career opportunities.

Before attending any such event, it makes sense to research online about people who will be present, identify those who can be your potential clients and get ready for facetime with them so as to explore better career opportunities.

Even if you are a pro at networking, you might find it difficult to talk to a stranger but it’s all about thinking positively. By smiling, making an eye contact and by being natural, you should be able to break the ice and initiate a meaningful conversation. Remember, you must have your contact information ready to exchange. Business cards can prove to be really handy in a given scenario.

6. Join Professional Groups or Organizations

By joining a few professional groups and organizations like young entrepreneurs and women entrepreneurs, you will get ample opportunities to network and showcase your skills. In case you don’t find any organization or group related to what you’re looking for, consider starting one on your own and building your network.

Even if there are activities or tasks that require volunteering, you must never hesitate in giving your time. By volunteering your skills for a cause you care about, you will not be only doing good and touching the lives of people around you but also making some meaningful connections by networking at several events.

Final words:

It is not going to help you in any way or be of any use by hiding behind the scene. As a remote worker, you must never let yourself feel lonely. While you may use technology to your advantage, you must not forget getting out,  facing the world and making new connections.

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