Top 10 Changes to Make your Blog Successful in 2018-2019

You may have spent sleepless nights to make your blog successful. Surely you have invested your precious time and of course resources to achieve success in your blogging career. But are you satisfied with the outcome of your hard work?

If you are satisfied with your blogging journey till now, it means you have achieved what you have expected or you are just close to the bullseye. But what if there are no returns of your efforts? Clearly, you have to make changes in your strategy.

This post is all about the changes and actions you have to take in 2018 -2019to make your blog successful.

You can’t achieve success overnight, but it feels worse not to taste success even after putting so many efforts. Trust me, there is a loophole in your current strategy.

Blogging makes you feel free and it is one of the best parts of blogging. You can earn your living from your comfort zone, but serious blogging takes a lot, your time, resources, and dedication too.

Blogging is getting advance day by day and you need to go with the flow. Figure out those things which are not working and replace them with the changes so as to make your blog successful.

1. Figure out Dead Elements of Blogging

You may currently be going with few elements which are not working on your blog. They may be your promotional strategies, relationship goals, blog design, technical issues or other problems.

It may be your blog theme which is not speed optimized, your hosting service, your blogging habits or other issues. These are the few examples of things you may have to fix.

If you are not making success blogging, you are clearly missing something. Blogging is deep enough and you have to dig out the dead roots of your blogging to make your blog successful.

Once you figure out the things which are not working well enough, fix them immediately.

2. Write More

Writing more is one of the best ways to increase your vocabulary or word count.

Successful blogging needs original and unique content. If you write more, your writing gets sharper and better with time. Always make effort to provide useful content to your audience.

An article having great word count is good for your blog’s SEO, but it doesn’t mean you can write anything. Don’t write for the search engine bots, write for your readers. If they find your blog useful, you will automatically get huge organic traffic.

If you want to be a successful blogger, your writing has to be effective. Being an effective blogger means a lot of hard work, thus working hard is the key to your successful blogging career.

3. Increase your Connection Radius

Increasing your connection radius doesn’t only mean connecting with bloggers in the same niche, it also means connecting with your readers. It may be difficult to respond to every reader, but make an effort to answer to as many people as possible.

Readers come to your blog with an intention to learn something new and they may have few questions or suggestions related to blogging. By replying to your reader’s comments, you will be making a healthy relationship with your readers.

Commenting is indeed one of the greatest ways to connect with readers along with other bloggers. If you post quality comments or do a great guest post on someone else’s blog, the chances of getting new readers to your own blog get maximized.

You may have few problems with blogging in your pouch. If you have a healthy relationship with professionals in your industry, the chances are high that you will get their feedback on your work.

4. Schedule your Blogging

Making a blueprint makes your tasks easy enough. Create plans for ‘To Do Things’ and you can always make better money when you follow a proper schedule.

What are you likely to find interesting is that almost every professional blogger creates a weekly or monthly work schedule.

If you find something useful during your research work, pin it to your blogging calendar and use that element later. Doing this will help you t provide something new to your readers.

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5. Work on your Blog’s Design

Blogs with inappropriate or scrappy designs will increase the bounce rate on your blog. No matter if you are spending hours behind a glowing screen to create compelling blog posts, a bad blog design will ruin all your hard work.

Before creating your blog, search for nice themes and templates. Make sure to pick a nice blog theme or design that is relevant to your blog niche.

But design is not all about looks; it is also about how it works.

Clearly, you can’t get a great response to a below-average blog post tied to a great premium theme or design. Content quality is necessary and so is the presentation of your blog posts.

6. Provide Your Audience Something Valuable Free of Cost

We all love free stuff and it is even greater if that free stuff is useful enough. By not including this element in your strategy, you are clearly on the way of losing a huge community of audience.

There are lots of options available for free giveaway such as case studies, eBooks, success stories, etc.

Free giveaways will help you in making a strong connection with your readers. You must, however, make sure that your free stuff is worthy enough for the readers.

If you provide quality content and worthy giveaways, the users will want to come back for more and are likely to tell others why landing on your blog was beneficial for them. This will help you in reaching a larger audience. The results will be even better if your free stuff is worth downloading.

7. Guest Post

Guest posts enhance your visibility and help you in improving the search engine optimization (SEO) of your blog by generating healthy backlinks.

But you must never write for links. Instead, you must write something useful so as to attract more readers. Guest posting is one of the best ways of building a strong subscriber base.

Guest posts help you in establishing your image online. They are amazing for online branding. Guest posts have multiple benefits and if you were not doing it in the past, makes sure to do more guest posts in the future.

Guest posting requires excellent writing skills. As a beginner, your primary objective should be to create simple yet effective blog posts.

8. Learn from your Mistakes

You make mistakes because you try, but you make the situation worse when you repeat those mistakes. Mistakes may have many disadvantages but mistakes make us smarter.

Almost every person makes mistakes but a few of them learn from their mistakes so as to avoid them next time. Always try to learn from your mistakes and if possible pin them somewhere, it will help you not to repeat them.

If you have figured out your blogging mistakes you are doing great. Just learn lessons from them, remember them and also try not to repeat them.

9. Focus on Blog Promotion

The world of digitalization has given us an amazing platform to connect with people. It becomes easier to promote your blog, service or product online these days.

If you want your blog to gain a lot of popularity, you need to figure out more and more sources for the promotion your blog. The intensity at which you carry the promotional activities of your blog will eventually determine its success.

There are several popular social media sites where you can promote your blog to reach a bigger audience.

10. Work on SEO

Social media is great but search engines can bring huge traffic to your blog. Many bloggers don’t take SEO seriously and in case you are one of them, it’s certainly the time to do more SEO.

You don’t have to hire professionals for your blog’s SEO. Onsite SEO consumes less time if compared to offsite SEO and can be performed easily to make your blog SEO friendly for the search engines.

Offsite SEO may consume more time but it is quite beneficial if you wish to make your blog successful. As far as SEO is concerned, your efforts may not show immediate results but the results are definite.

Finally, you would agree that everyone wants success. But it never comes overnight; you have to make consistent efforts for it to come.