Top 10 Free Blog Promotion Websites to Skyrocket Your Traffic and Leads

Social Media is inevitably the first choice of bloggers to promote content or share their blog. But, you should not limit your efforts here only. Unveil some top blog promotion places where you can share a link of your blog post and let the world hear you.

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”Where can I post my blog for free?”

“How to promote and market my blog?”

“Where to promote my blog?”

As we all know about the 20-80 rule of Digital Marketing, 20% time is for content creation and 80% for its promotion. If you are limiting your blog promotion only to social media things may not work. It may seem like struggling in a void space.

The reason is simple- not everyone has millions of fans who believe in everything you say. You need to promote blog to increase traffic.

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So, why not broaden your horizon and let the world hear you from every corner of the e-space.

When most of the options are free, you have nothing to lose.

Try 2-3 free blog sites at a time and keep a close watch at the analytics to get a clearer picture of which blog promotion ideas are working and what’s not syncing right.

So, let’s get started. After sharing/promoting links to social media profiles and groups, start sharing them on these websites as well.

1.      Medium

Medium is one of the largest and most popular online publishing platforms for your blogs. With around 80-100 million active users every month, the incoming traffic is consistently increasing month after month.  It is indeed one of the best platforms to post your blog link for free and get heard.

You can either write directly on this website or can repost your blog here after making some slight changes to keep the SEO juice intact.  Choose proper tags in your post to garner maximum attention from readers and make your post discoverable.

2.      Quora

Quora is the biggest platform in the e-space that helps you to gain answers to your questions more relevantly and in easy language. The only thing is that you cannot directly publish your blog link here.

First, you need to search for the relevant question that your blog post is answering. For example: If your blog post is about beauty tips in summers. So, visit Quora and type the relevant question in the “Search Quora” Box.

Then select the questions. Give them a proper answer in an informal language and subtly share your link or either hyperlink your text. Quora has a whopping base of 300 million active users which is a pretty much good place to show your skills, talent and proficiency.

3.      Pinterest

According to Statista, there are more than 416 million monthly active users on Pinterest. Kristen Baker, marketing manager at HubSpot shares that 90% of the Pinterest users prefer to see the pages/content before making the purchase.

Pinterest allows you to make a community and promote blogs. The platform offers a direct click-through link directly redirecting to the website and allows traffic to grow multi-fold.

4.      Email Marketing

Old is Gold!

Inbox is still a trending and effective place to promote your blog. Your subscribers are your loyal audience and they are genuinely interested in learning more about your latest products, services or updates. Apart from being loyal, it has been observed that email subscribers share your content 3.9x times more than other visitors on your website. According to Campaign Monitor, CTA’s are more effective in an email than a tweet or FB/Insta post. You are 6 times more likely to get a click from an email subscriber than from a normal Instagram post.

5.      Pocket

Pocket is a famous social bookmarking website. You can easily save your videos, blogs or webpage. So, it not only helps to promote your content but allows your user to save your blog post in a pocket!

Adding a pocket button to your blog helps your user to refer to your website quickly. For example, you have created a tutorial on checklist of things to do after publishing a blog. If the user liked it, he will save it in a pocket and refer it once he has published the blog post. Rather than searching for the link, the user can refer to pocket every time he wants to see the tutorial. Additionally, posts can be shared on social media.

6.      BizSugar

This platform is specially designed for businesses. Bizsugar comprises of an online community for marketers and business owners. The community discusses upselling hacks and how businesses can be scaled up etc. Entrepreneurs and small business owners can share their blog posts to gain more visibility and traffic.

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7.      YouTube

YouTube, the second largest search engine after Google should be next on your list. So, staying on top of YouTube rankings is of utmost importance. But, you cannot directly post your blog link here. Your blog post can be repurposed into a video. Add a link of your video to your post as well.

It not only drives traffic but improves brand awareness as well.

8.      Dzone

If you love writing about technology, Dzone is a perfect place to share your content. Millions of developers and tech-enthusiasts visit the website every month to know the latest trends, tutorials, coding etc on technology.

9.      FlipBoard

Flipboard is a unique platform that works as a content aggregator and allows the users to explore the top stories from all social media platforms in one place. You can create your account and start publishing your blog posts here. The best part is that the content can be viewed in a magazine-like format.

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10.  Tribber

To increase the readership of your blog, Tribber has the master key. It is the best place for bloggers and influencers to go and amplify their reach and visibility. The online community of Tribber works with the support and sharing by other bloggers.

It helps you connect with like-minded bloggers who support and understand you. Thus, improving your blog’s readership.

So, use these blog promotion sites to generate traffic, backlink opportunities, build authority and give a massive boost to your organic rankings and readership. Stay tuned for more such blogging hacks only on