Top 10 Work-From-Home Jobs to help you Make Money this Summer Vacation

The colleges are almost over and the summer vacation is around the corner.

Does it excite you to work part-time and make some money while you’re off from college?

What if I tell you that you can easily earn Rs 15,000 to Rs 25,000 sitting at your home from the comfort of your couch?

You don’t believe me?

Well, this is the minimum amount of money I am talking about. In reality, there is no upper limit on the amount of money you may earn by pursuing part-time jobs in today’s world of freelancing gigs.

And, summer vacation is indeed the best time to live and earn with your passion and churn out the creativity inside you. The gigs being talked about here are not related to academics in any way. In fact, you can earn a handsome amount of money even if you just passed your high school exams and are waiting for your college to commence.

Ready to explore these work-from-home jobs?  Let’s just get started.

1.     Online Tuitions/ Expert Lectures

You may give private tuitions at your home, student’s place or any other physical location. However, with digitization happening so fast you may also become an online tutor and make money online without any investment. Here, you teach the child with the medium of any video calling app or software. Online tuitions are one of the heavily paid jobs and if you manage to get an international student then it’s a jackpot for you.

Many famous educational portals like Byjus, Vedantu seek expert guest lectures for webinars. So, if you think you are an expert in any particular field/ subject then you must go ahead and make your own identity in digital space by associating yourself with these educational giants.

2.     Freelance Writing

If you have articulate writing skills then you can easily make money online. There are many digital marketing companies which are on the hunt for content writers or bloggers working-from-home part-time. Use your skills smartly by joining these companies from a remote location or you may even opt for paid internships. Another way to explore freelance writing gigs is through social media platforms. LinkedIn and Facebook are two powerful social media platforms which can fetch you good and high paying gigs.

3.     Poster/Logo Designing

Look beyond your small world. You may already be designing for your college magazines or cover pages for free, but in the outside world, logo/poster designers are paid heavily. All the small to medium-sized companies look for freelance logo designers rather than hiring a firm for such a small work. So, pull up your socks and get started. Again, you can start by exploring social media platforms.

4.     Data Entry Works

For those who are neither good at writing nor have any interest in creative work, data entry jobs are a perfect pick. Data Entry does not require technical knowledge or any specific skill set. All it demands is a small amount of internet research and filling/compiling the data. That’s it! These jobs are low paying but a good 2-3 hours’ work per day will help you make a respectable total.

5.     Join BPO’s

There is a misconception floating in the market that only people who are affluent in English can take up the BPO work. This is far from the truth. The call centers or the BPOs also require people who can converse fluently in local languages. You can easily earn up to 12k per month.

6.     Baking/ Cooking Classes

If you’re passionate about creating new recipes then why not use them to make some additional money? If you have good baking skills or in case you’re good at making snacks or other food items, let the world know about it. Organize cooking or baking classes. Make a list of 5-6 items which can also be added apart from your favorite cake baking. You can promote the same using Facebook, WhatsApp or any other social media platform.

Do you know that you can easily earn up to Rs. 2000 per class per member?

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7.     YouTube Videos

Yes, all the videos you watch on any YouTube channel pay a certain amount to the channel owner as well. So, call your group and make some exciting and entertaining videos.

Whatever theme you choose, the success depends on originality and engaging nature of the content. Your channel will need some time to grow but once it starts gaining views, there is no looking back. Who knows, one day you may become a world-famous YouTuber.

8.     Network Marketing

After the implication of GST, network marketing and reselling has grown significantly. There are many companies such as meesho, vestige, milmila, etc which help the housewives earn money by reselling the products. The companies offer a good commission to the resellers if an individual purchases products from them.

9.     Affiliate Marketing

Yes, companies such as Amazon help you earn a good commission if anyone purchases an item by following a link from your site. You need to have your own website or blog on which you can run multiple affiliate marketing programs.

10. Translators

If you are a part of any of the freelancing gigs groups on social media, you must have realized a lot of job vacancies are posted regarding translation. Translators from local language to English or vice versa are in high demand and are paid well. So, if you have traction to any two languages, you can easily grab translation jobs.

All the above-mentioned jobs do not require any investment but indeed are some of the highest paying job options. Which one will you prefer for your summer job?

It’s time to paint the world red with your passion and creativity and make some money at the same time!

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