Top 3 Fast Approval Ad Networks for New Bloggers!

Can we imagine an online marketing system without a blog today? The answer is an obvious No! Without any hyperbole or exaggeration, it is evident that the single best line marketing solution you can get for your website or web page is Blogging.

If you are a new blogger, then you must not forget to start making your mark on this platform. For stepping into this social networking zone, you can resort to an ad network which helps you monetize your less-visited new blog.


Adsense is one major platform which gives the blogger a base to advertise online and start monetizing. Simply, we can say that it is fame in itself. A very well defined channel that can add great value to your blogs.

But the users face one major challenge to be a part of this platform that is getting the approval of getting registered on this media. Even the best of candidates have to fulfill a lot of requirements to clear this test and the ones who get through may take almost six months to get the approval.

For the small publishers, yet new avenues have to be adapted which need no criteria to be fulfilled for the approval and even small blogs can get enrolled on them. Here, one thing to be kept in mind is that there are many fake advertisers in the industry who can first allure you and then leave you unpaid. In our blog, we have tried to throw a flood of light on three well-established advertisers next to Adsense who can also entertain small publishers and provide the best outcomes. They are:


Bloggers looking for a vast marketing area often opt for Pop up advertisements. It offers instant approvals, no minimum traffic requirements, a 100% fill rates, and welcomes ad blogs of all sorts including the “adult” item category.


  • high CPM rate
  • no minimum blog traffic requirements
  • auto-withdrawal for money
  • $5 is the minimum payout


  • The only drawback is that its payment mode is restricted to just Paypal.

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This Ad network is well suited to the needs of fresher bloggers as well as established ones from small scale to intermediate scale. All you need to do is- Create an advertisement, post it on your blog and start monetizing. Herein you can easily fetch $1-$4 per 1000 views and minimum payout is $25. The payment gateways are also multiple including Payoneer, Webmoney, etc.

Revenue hits

An Ad system providing maximum profits out of minimum efforts is Revenue Hits. It is a newly emerging new concept with a variation as to the base of monetization. In this type of Ad criteria, you do not get paid per click or impression. In fact, it is to the next level where the blogger gets paid only after a call is converted into action. But along with this twist, there are certain benefits attached to the system. They are:


  • Pay per call to action is $10-$50.
  • Payment gateways are many like PayPal, Payoneer, bank transfers, etc.
  • Minimum payout is at least $25 which is very high as compared to others.
  • Higher CPA rates.
  • Instant inactivation is a good feature too.


  • The only drawback is that this method does not take into account- cost per click.


Hence, we can say that above are a few renowned and reliable platforms for the bloggers especially the new ones or the small scale ones to get monetized. Here one must know fact is that there are many other fake or unreliable advertisement platforms too which must be checked in order to avoid any loss or discomfort in the future.