Top 5 Free Keyword Research Tools for Beginners? (Apart From Google)

Looking for best keyword Research Tools but lack finances for paid tools? Then I have got the top 5 free keyword Research Tools that will help you climb the ladder. Google auto-suggest and Uber Suggest are the most common search tools used by most of the SEO beginners. But, there are several other keyword tools that help your content rank great in Search Engine Rankings and get good organic traffic influx.

So, here is a list of best free keyword research tools for new bloggers and even for those who have mastered the art of blogging.

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1.      Keyword Generator

This keyword generator by ahrefs gives you approximately 150 keyword ideas for a given root word. It also shares the Keyword Difficulty as well as the volume of searches on a monthly basis.

Keyword Generator

By Clicking on the “Question” tabs, you’ll get a list of queries that people are looking in your niche.

Keyword Ideas

This free tool also supports four different search engines namely- Google, Bing, YouTube and Amazon.  You can choose your preferred country before hitting the “Find Keywords” button.

What is Keyword Difficulty (KD)?

Keyword Difficulty is a metric often shared by most of the keyword tools. It gives a value between 0-100. Higher the value, more the number of backlinks you will require for ranking high.

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2.      Answer  The Public

If you are brainstorming hard to find a topic for your next blog, then this is the right place. Answer the public helps bloggers find questions, comparisons, alphabeticals and other related searches. You just have to enter the primary keyword (or phrase) and the results will show you all sorts of questions that people have been looking for.

Let’s take “Keyword Tool” as our main keyword.

Answer  The Public

3.      WordStream

The tool gives you suggestions and other related keywords. It helps you to make your content more search engine friendly and optimized. This free keyword tool gives you 30 searches for free without signing up. You have to sign up after that to use the tool. You get 7-days free trial even after signing up. Use it well!

Suppose you are into automobile business and are looking to blog something on cars. Here’s what you can do.


4.      Soolve

Soolve is a one-stop solution for all your content and keyword ideas needs. It is one of the widely used keyword finder tools by bloggers. It gives suggestions for multiple platforms such as YouTube, Bing, Yahoo, Wikipedia and Google of course.

Soolve gives you a platform to find the untapped keywords that your competitor is unaware of.

You can easily click on your favourite Search Engine to get the results. So, next time when you are making a new video or writing a blog, make sure to Soolve it! It is one of the best keyword tools used by budding bloggers and Youtubers. The picture shows the results of “weight loss” taken as the primary keyword for Google.


5.      LSI Graph

LSI or Latent Semantic Indexing is one of the vital components of every SEO strategy. LSI keywords are the ones that are closely and semantically designed as your root keyword. Closing on only one keyword for your content and using it multiple times may irritate the reader as well as Google bots. LSI Graph helps you choose the right set of LSI keywords that not only make your content interesting but also helps you score good on SERP charts.

Here is a snapshot for the “work from home” taken as the primary keyword. Pick the words that are trending and have good search volume and from low to medium competition.

LSI Graph

LSI keywords give a strong contextual appearance to your content when read by humans as well as search bots as they have a high degree of correlation with your primary keyword.

Power Your Keyword Research with These Tools

You may not get all the premium features but certainly, get some good valuable insights to get started. So, curate awesome content by taking inputs from these free keyword research tools and blow your search traffic and dominate your niche.

Try them now. Stay tuned with us for more interesting hacks on SEO, blogging and SMM.