Trapping Your Truest Identity: Significance of Your Own Identity

How, often, in life does it happen that you want to be someone else and wish to run away from your own identity?

It’s a common practice to pursue a different identity the moment we find things are not going fine in your life.

And, this applies to everyone irrespective of one’s age, gender or any other factors.

Even though we start pursuing different identities by moving in new directions, we hardly find happiness in our lives. Those times and areas fail us miserably. We lose hope and find it impossible to feel happy, contented and confident once again.

In the whole process of trying to get through the difficult times, we forget who we are and where we belong to.

The Journey of Trapping My Truest Identity

Before I ventured full-time into blogging, I always knew I wanted to do something big than just pursue blogging as a part-time thing. So, I was constantly on the look-out for some work options that I could pursue considering my circumstances: small town, flexible work environment and preferably something related to IT. I thought of some entrepreneurship roles, made a few business plans as well and the only thing that came out of everything I did was the disappointment.

I wanted to move out for my continuing education and career settlement but couldn’t muster the courage to face the unknown. As a result, I settled in my hometown itself. But something remained missing all the time. What followed was the struggle of deciding what to pursue.

I remember I wasted the most crucial years of my life contemplating what it could be that would bring contentment in my life and doing different things just to keep myself busy and sadness at bay.  The only good thing was that I kept giving my hundred percent into everything I did-small or big.

Today, I look back to realize it was nothing but a side effect of pursuing a different identity- to settle into the life of a homemaker having given up the dreams of becoming an independent working woman.

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My life was structured in a way that it was in a dire need of a platform that I could use to showcase my skills. To put it in simple words, the life of a full-time working professional in some highly developed town suited me more than anything else. Just because there was a lack of courage to take the right decision at a right time, many years that followed were wasted in chasing the dreams that remained unaccomplished and pursuing identities that hardly reflected my true inner self.

I was, however, lucky that things came back on track and everything changed with my decision, that I took back in 2016, of pursuing blogging full-time. I took the plunge and followed my passion for writing.

“And, when you want something, all the universe conspires in helping you to achieve it.”

                                                                                                         – Paulo Coelho, The Alchemist

Because I wanted it really bad and due to the unconditional support and love of people around me, I found the true calling of my heart. I found my truest identity. It gave me the chance to be the best I can be and to align with love by doing what I was made to do. It gave me a purpose in my life.

What all I learn from incidents that took place in my life is that you identify the real purpose of your life only by pursuing your truest identity. It gives you the power to own your life, your decisions, and your reactions. Your true identity acts as your guide all the time and it flourishes even when everything else goes wrong. It gives you a chance to live a life with purpose, in times both good and bad.

Finally, if life made it possible for me to pursue my identity, it can be very much possible for you as well.

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