Travelling with Kids: Yes or No?

It’s said…If you want to know yourself, explore the world.

I say…If you want to know your family, travel with them.

Nothing beats the excitement of planning a vacation be it for a day or more to a nearby place or abroad. Right from the tickets to hotels, from the itinerary to visas, the majority of us are quite clear about these. However, where I see most of my friends getting stuck is whether to take the children or not? It’s definitely a ‘YES’ in my opinion. I’m often told, “They won’t remember a thing when they grow so what’s the point of taking them?” And, I reply promptly, “But I’ll remember every moment I spent with them.” My husband is of the same opinion too.

A family vacation is one such time when children get their undivided attention. So why not go ahead and give them that. The quality time, and the family bonding all in one go. Besides that, it gives altogether a new dimension to the children’s thinking when you involve them in every stage of planning your trip. Visiting new places and observing new cultures, listening to new languages, and trying different cuisines is something children can never learn from books. So here I have listed a few tips that will help you plan your trips with kids very easily.

Travelling with Kids

1. Plan…Plan…Plan

Go with a planned itinerary where it’s pre-decided which all places you will be visiting keeping not too much sightseeing in a day. Good research on the city which you plan to visit always helps.

2. Book in Advance

Just because you decided to take your children along doesn’t mean the airlines will be kind. If you have two children above two years travelling with you, the cost of your tickets budget is going to double up. The only way you can cut down the budget is by booking in advance and by looking for some good offers.

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3. Apartment stay

With a family of four, staying in an apartment can work out to be more economical than a hotel. We prefer taking it up in a central location and stock it up with little groceries from a nearby store.

4. Use Public Transport

Most European countries have a great network of trains and buses and go easy on the pocket as well. Mostly children under a certain age are free of cost.

5. Length of the Trip

You don’t have to necessarily go away for a long trip even a weekend trip with children can have positive effects. The goal is to spend time, laugh a lot and have unlimited fun.

6. Good Research Before Travelling

It’s always nice to locate the restaurants of your choice where your children will be more comfortable. So it’s easier to reach them. Shortlist the places of interest that you and your children will both enjoy together.

So travel smarter, cheaper and definitely in the company of your children. Kids will be kids only once, don’t let them be a barrier to your travel rather let them be a reason to travel.