Is a Trip to Ibiza Unique Enough to Warrant Shelling Out All That Money?

The moment you board your flight to Ibiza, there is something that stimulates you and makes you feel thrilled. May be it’s the overcharged co-passengers or the amazing things you’ve been hearing from everyone before planning your first trip to Ibiza.

“There is only one place in the world like Ibiza and that is Ibiza.”

It’s not an uncommon thing to be heard or read at several places.

But is it seriously?

After my trip to Ibiza this summer, one question that hits me hard every time I think about this Balearic Island is:

“Why would I waste a hell lot of money on a place like Ibiza ever again?”

The thought of partying with people from all over the world is exciting indeed. The parties don’t stop until 6 AM. And the famous DJ’s of the world play in different clubs every week. Even, we had a David Guetta night in Club Pacha to look forward to.  One thing we all know “Partying in Ibiza is expensive” but it’s just not the entry fee.

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While the entry fee to clubs will cost you 50 Euros on an average, the drinks will start at 15 Euros. Forget about liquor, a small water bottle (12 FL OZ) in a club costs you 10 Euros and a small coco-cola around 20 Euros. We had stayed for 3 nights in Ibiza and it was only 1night that we could really push ourselves hard to stay up till 1:30 AM as that is when the party starts. For party-freaks, it might be an elementary thing. Further, the clubs are packed to a capacity that those even slightly sensitive to heat or sound can easily get a migraine. And in case that happens and if you paid the entry fee or bought passes, you see your money (hard earned) going down the drain.

All you find there is commercialized music and pathetic culture in case you get bored of partying. No wonders, Ibiza has been a hangout place for the rich and famous in the history and if you take a walk around the harbor, you’ll find many private yachts even today. But the culture is no longer the same. It has become a vacation spot for young, wild crowd who just wants to get high on drugs and music. Even, it has leaned to males dressing up like women and everyone there dressing up with body make-ups.

Overhyped beaches of Formantera

There is nothing much to explore on this island than to sit by the beach during the day. Most of the people planning a trip to Ibiza have a day-trip to Formantera in their itineraries. An extremely small island is reachable by ferry from Ibiza and happens to be a popular tourist destination.

A return ticket to this island costs you approximately 50 Euros per person. To visit any popular beach you would either have to rent a cab or take a bus and that would cost you approximately 20 Euros one-way. In case you wish to explore another beach, you can double the amount.

After spending a small fortune, you feel you’re heading to some heavenly place on this planet Earth. The moment you arrive there you would know there is nothing special except you can find a lot of topless girls basking in the sun (if that is something you find fascinating). The waters are clear and beaches are sandy but they are nowhere close to beaches in California or other popular beaches in Europe (I scanned several ‘Top 20 Beaches in World’ lists published on renowned platforms but couldn’t locate any Formantera’s beach).

Final words:

In case you’ve loads of inherited money and you’ve covered every other destination on your bucket list, you might want to plan a trip to Ibiza.

Disclaimer: This post might disappoint you if you’re a beach or party lover. The views expressed are personal based on my experience. You may choose to disagree.

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