Twitter Blue- Annual Subscription What is it All About?

Amidst the changes in Twitter, from the CEO to the security issues, the downfall of Twitter is pretty apparent. On 18 January 2023, Twitter decided to make some changes to the subscription plan

As a hardcore Twitter user or just an inquisitive mind, we’ve got the information you need this week. 

What is Twitter Blue?

Available in the US, UK, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand, Twitter Blue has created a question among the minds of social media followers- What is the benefit? 

Launched in December 2022, Twitter Blue is a Twitter subscription plan that adds the famous blue tick to your profile. It was initiated at $8 per month for Android users and $11 for IOS users. 

An unfair price variation? Twitter thought so too and so they devised a new subscription plan to entice more audience. 

The New Twitter Subscription Plan 

Besides the blue checkmark (which may take some time to appear on your profile), Twitter offers other subscription benefits. One of them being early access to all the new Twitter features. This new feature is believed to help personalize the overall Twitter experience.

The blue checkmark on Twitter can now mean either of two things- The blue ticked Twitter account is authentic, or the account is under the Twitter blue subscription. 

Shortly, you might see a golden tick on some profiles. Twitter Verification for Organisations is another pursuit of Twitter for a better experience. The golden checkmark holders will be official business accounts. 

Revamping Twitter Blue involved changing the localized pricing starting at $84 a year ($7 a month), allowing subscribers to save $12 a year. 

Twitter Blue- Annual Subscription What is it all about?

Let’s look at the Twitter Blue Features

Custom App Icons 

With the Twitter Blue subscriptions, users can change the app icon from a variety of colorful options available. Besides, Twitter might also launch limited edition icons. 

Custom Navigation 

Now you can customize your navigation bar the way you want. You can add/remove quick access icons at least 2 and up to 6 times. 

Unsend Tweets 

Don’t confuse this feature with the edit tweet option. Twitter offers the subscribers to undo the tweet and make changes before it is visible to other Twitter accounts. However, once the Tweet is available for everyone to see, you can only delete it. 

Longer Videos 

For all Twitter users, the maximum acceptable video length is 2 minutes and 20 seconds, but Twitter made an exception for the Twitter Blue subscribers. They can share up to 60 minutes long videos with their followers with a file size of up to 2 GB. 

Bookmark Folders

Are you not able to find a post you saved? Want to be organized? Well, that is now possible for Twitter Blue subscribers. You can make as many bookmarks as you want and organize different posts according to the category. 

Are you Eligible for Twitter Blue Subscription?

Twitter blue subscription is currently in the infant stage, considering it is only available to users in the US, UK, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, and Japan. The feature availability might differ for different accounts. Additionally, Twitter accounts less than 90 days old are not eligible for a Twitter Blue subscription. 

But before registering for Twitter Blue, the user needs to confirm their phone number for verification. During the time of verification, you cannot make changes to the profile picture, username, or display name. 

Was it a Smart Move?

As per Insider Intelligence, Twitter will lose 32 million users by the year 2024, and the number is not going to stop looking at recent endeavors. So at a critical time like this, is it a smart move to bring in a feature like Twitter Blue? That is something to ponder. 

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