Why Most of Us Often Fail as Bloggers or Online Writers?

Most of us are bloggers for two reasons:

Either because writing is our passion and there is no platform greater than a Blog to get our work across a large number of readers


We are too keen on making some money out of this trending career choice.

Does the idea resonate with you? If yes, let’s not beat around the bush and rather accept it that:

“The only way to succeed as a Blogger is to get a huge fan following and maximum loyal readers.”

Huge fan following is easy to understand. However, what is a great deal about loyal readers?

By loyal readers what I mean is those readers who promise to come back to your blog every time an update is there and those who can’t wait for frequent updates. Additionally, they are your followers who connect with you and your work.

Now, a question that many of us want to skip: “How many loyal readers does your blog have?”

If the number is not great enough to share it publicly or even repeat it to you, it’s time for some awakening. I’m going to be blunt at the drop of a hat:

Are you failing as a Blogger?

Is Blogging just not for you?

Furthermore, is it that you are biting off more than you can chew?


My dear readers, nothing mean to me more than see you as successful bloggers and freelance writers.  Thus, together we are going to make it work for you even if it implies getting back to the drawing board.

Key Focus Areas

Your Blog Layout and Designing:

There are certain crucial things to figure out. Are you running the right theme for your Blog depending upon the genre of your writing? Is the use of widgets proper along with right plugins? If not, it’s time to get schooled. Nevertheless, you may refer to any of the WordPress tutorials available online. Besides, feel free to drop me a line in case you want an opinion.


Is the quality and size of pictures consistent on your blog? This is important for the purpose of giving a professional look-and-feel to your blog.

All of us know “A picture is worth thousand words”. But, how many of us truly succeed in implementing the same while we are posting media to our blog. An image to your blog post must help your readers in committing to read your content. It gives you a chance to distinguish yourself from all other Bloggers.

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Use of the Social Media:

The Social media, an important marketing tool, comes with a great potential to influence your career if you’re writing for any online publications. While it can prove to be very beneficial it can be a huge distraction at the same time. If its use comes with a planned strategy, wisdom and a lot of focus, you will hit the nail on the head.

  1. Set a frequency for your updates: The golden rule says, “Post it often to make your presence felt, but don’t post it so often that your posts get disregarded as spam”.
  2. Target Audience: Determining the right audience for your content and targeting the same is just as important as providing high-quality stuff for your readers.
  3. Connectivity: Make your presence felt by sending your readers’ quick replies and encouraging them to share things with you. Never do things that will let your readers lose a faith in you. This may include sharing plagiarized content, claiming false things and making wrong commitments.

Lastly, never hesitate in seeking help from your readers or contacts on social media. There is practically no harm in requesting them to spread a word about your work. However, given that they genuinely feel your work might make some difference to the world out there.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO):

There are so many discussions about SEO on the web already. So, I am going to skip talking what SEO is all about. Most of us, as bloggers, are made to believe that SEO is the only thing that will help us obtain a viewership of million readers. While SEO is an important component not to overlook at, it’s not the only thing. Rather than spending crazy money on outsourcing SEO, try doing it yourself. By simply making use of the guides and tutorials written on the subject, you will not only save money but also get the desired traffic to your blog.


Are you into the habit of conducting a research before drafting your post? Why is research important? For you to analyze:

  • The uniqueness of your ideas and content. Somehow, I think you don’t want to get lost in a maddening crowd of bloggers on the Internet.
  • What you readers are looking for? What exactly is the trend of popular searched keywords on any search engine?

Having talked about areas to work on, there is no substitute for quality and information rich content. As a final point, if you succeed in providing even a little value to your readers in whatever form there will be no looking back for you.

If you enjoyed reading this piece of work, it won’t take you long to share your experience!

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