Ways to Create an Effective Instagram Marketing Strategy

Are you struggling to understand the concept of Instagram marketing? Or is ROI on your Instagram business account lower than your expectations?

 You need a new Instagram marketing strategy. Read on to know how to create an effective one!

 Why Instagram?

Social media marketing has boosted the world of digital marketing and Instagram has become one of the top platforms for that.

 With over 2 billion active users all around the world, Instagram offers a large number of people eager to follow influencers and businesses.

 Most users look towards Instagram to discover new brands and products. They also rely on it to stay updated on any sale events or fresh arrivals.

 So, having a professional Instagram account would help your business engage a larger audience and convert it into sales.

 Utilize Instagram Tools

 Instagram has evolved a lot recently to better support E-commerce businesses on the platform.

 The first step to Instagram marketing is creating a professional/business account. This would automatically provide multiple tools and options suited for boosting your trade.


 Using Instagram Stories enables you to present your products and services innovatively. Also, Instagram Stories is actively used by many people so it would increase the visibility of your brand.

 Increase the length of your stories by creating highlights on your account. Also, organize them in a way that allows easy access for a new viewer.

 Instagram Bio

 Instagram offers brands one precious bio link to lead people directly to the website from their platform. So, it is suggested to create an Instagram-specific landing page to link to your account. This would help you assess and evaluate the traffic brought in by Instagram marketing.

 Being insta specific, the landing page should be mobile-friendly and easy to surf or scroll through. This would make it easier for the user to navigate the page.


 Posting frequency also has a huge impact on Instagram marketing. Brands must post regularly, to enhance potential sales.

 One post per day is ideal and works best if you post when your audience is the most engaged. This will boost your post according to the Instagram algorithms.

Posting daily might seem a daunting task especially if you’re trying to stay active on Insta Stories as well. Creating a content calendar will help you organize your posting frequency more efficiently.

Know your Audience

Knowing your audience will help you generate content that is relevant to your customer base. It is important to know what kind of content your followers are consuming. Working on that would spark interest in your brand.

 For some brands, it is best to target a particular audience based on their interests. For others, a broader approach works for their benefit.

Follow the Trends

 Instagram’s marketing strategy depends largely on understanding the trends and following them.

 We are all aware of how quickly an image or video can trend today on social media. It is beneficial to use trending concepts for promotions.

 For instance, posting a trending meme (relevant to your content) to your feed will provide a “break” from regular promotions.

 Know trending hashtags and fluently incorporate them into your posts. Hashtags help in boosting a post and/or product. But they should be used in moderation as too many hashtags would look like keyword clustering.

Create Creative Content

 Simply posting photos of your products can be very monotonous for your account. Try to break it by posting videos of different types.

 Reels, boomerangs, loops, etc., will help you display your content in a much more detailed and creative manner.

Interactive Content

 Posting engaging content will help your audience feel more connected to the brand. This would create a sense of community around your business.

 Interactive Instagram Stories generally give a deeper insight into customer needs and experiences. Every small or large business owner benefits from customer feedback.

User-Generated Content

 Highlighting your customers is the best way to promote your brand and products.

 User-generated content is considered to be gold from a marketing point of view. Sharing posts and/or stories of people using your products would boost your sales.


Creatively presenting your ideas can attract more people. Many brands strive to create an attractive feed that is appealing to the audience.

The most common way to create an aesthetic feed is by opting for a color scheme for your feed. Besides gaining more followers, having a creative feed also showcases your brand artistically.

Collaborate with Influencers

Influencer Instagram marketing is now the leading method used to advertise a brand/product. Establish relations with influencers and work with them to promote your business.

 This advertises your business to a whole new audience and helps you to engage with the customers. It also puts a human face to the brand which makes it more relatable to the people.

 Optimize Instagram Ads

There are many different ads for brands to try on Instagram. Test different ad creatives and figure out what works best for your business or services.

 The brands can choose high-performing posts to boost in the form of sponsored ads. You can control how much you want to spend on them by setting a budget for advertising.

 Instagram Stories ads offer the chance to get creative with your ads. It attracts many potential customers. Other forms of sponsored ads also help to share your content with your target audience.

 The Gist of the Matter

Instagram is one of the top platforms to amplify the digital marketing aspect of your brand. E-commerce businesses especially benefit a lot from social media marketing.

Build a good and effective Instagram marketing strategy for your brand to increase your sales. A good strategy will promote your content and also reel in new potential customers.

Social media is now the basic need for growth marketing. Brands need to utilize Instagram efficiently instead of using it as a secondary platform.