Ways to Improve Your Writing

Ways to Improve Your Writing

Is writing your passion?


Are you a part of the blogosphere or wish to work as a freelance writer?

In both the scenarios, your writing skills need to be exceptionally good and you need to be amazing at writing incredible content.

Many people I come across find it extremely difficult to put their thoughts/ feelings into words. There are others who struggle with right choices for words and then there are people who need help with grammar.

Luckily, the internet has made it so easy to improve your writing skills.

All you need to do is learn few simple techniques and strategies to start writing amazing pieces of work.

Believe me, I have had my share of sorrows and failures in the writers’ world before my work started gaining recognition. I always repeat the same thing,

“If I could do it then anyone can do it.”

How did I manage to come this far?

Here is a lowdown of simple techniques I follow every time I sit down to write a blog post:

Optimization of USP (Unique Selling Point)

If you really want to be successful as a writer or blogger, you need to play with your uniqueness. 

There are millions of blog posts getting published every single day. What makes you feel that amidst the entire crowd, you will successfully manage the desired amount of traffic to your blog?

If there is something that can help you attract readers, it is your uniqueness! 

What makes me unique as a writer? 

It’s my peculiar style of writing along with my habit of sharing personal experiences in every post of mine. 

I have become so comfortable sharing my life with the readers that there is a stream of thoughts automatically flowing in my mind the moment I step inside the writer’s groove.  Otherwise a very secretive person that I am, I find myself to be completely different when I am penning down my thoughts. 

There are certain styles and words that run through all my posts. I work as freelance blogger and content writer for different companies and many a times I have to do ghost writing as a part of my projects. But if you stumble upon any of my posts on the web, you can easily make out it’s written by me even if the blog doesn’t publish my name.

Therefore, it’s about unique writing and knowing what sets you apart. And it’s about being original by writing your viewpoints on the given topic and not copying someone else’s ideas.

English Language Skills and Content Proofreading

Even though there is no substitute for sound skills in English language and strong grammar, you can certainly save a lot of your time and effort by using software like Ginger, Grammarly.

There are days when I have to write 3 posts in a day and my attention, therefore, obviously gets divided. Even though I always proofread my content yet I save a lot of time simply by using free versions of different software that are available online.

Are you over complicating the content?

Even though wide vocabulary is important for your writing career, you must refrain yourself from overbearing the reader with words that he might not understand.

Remember, you need to learn how to make the selection of words in an intelligent manner. Even more, you need to always keep your audience in mind while writing the content.

Are you Reading a lot?

This is simple!

Everyone must be asking you the same thing and that is to read a lot!

By reading more, you get exposed to variegated writing styles, methods and a whole lot of new ideas.

Read everything possible you get your hands on. You may read blogs, books, articles, magazines or even newspapers. They all help in honing your writing skills.

Battling the Writer’s Block

Do you really dread writer’s block?

Spending hours thinking about the next title for your blog and even then not coming with a befitting idea is, indeed, frustrating. But, it’s the least thing to worry about it.

Writer’s block is something that gets everyone at some point in time. It has nothing to do with your success or fame as a writer.

The trick is to know that you don’t need to battle the writer’s block. The moment it hits you, it’s time to rejuvenate yourself. It’s time to do something you’re really fond of doing.

For me, a visit to coffee shop does a wonderful job of coming up with a fresh idea for writing.

Remember, the more you push yourself to write, the more you find yourself incapable of doing so.

Final Words:

Anyone can easily become a good writer or blogger if there is a determination and will power to become one. Above everything else, there has to be a desire for learning and growth.

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