What are the Facebook and Instagram Updates in October 2022?

After becoming a meta app, Mark Zuckerberg faced many challenges to bring Facebook where it is today. 

After rebranding to meta, Facebook’s share went down by 75%. However, he remained unfazed and still believes that the metaverse will prosper in the 2030s. 

The challenges and criticism drove him to limit his investments in the metaverse and focus more on enhancing the assets of Instagram, Facebook, and WhatsApp. 

People Still Use Facebook

With other new-age social media apps like Instagram and Reddit, the value and number of users on Facebook should have reduced right? On the contrary, it is the highest used social media app with about 3 million active users. 

Even though it is the most used app, the challenges are greater than ever. With the new updates on other social media marketing channels, the prime focus is to deliver constant useful updates. 

In the past, Facebook might not have been the ideal choice for marketing purposes. But with the increase in the online e-commerce business, the new Meta and Facebook updates are more market-friendly. 

With these updates, it is possible to send promotional messages to potential clients. This is one of the best features for startup businesses to engage with the audience and spread the word about their brand. 

After some major updates in May 2022, Facebook launched some other features with meta in October 2022. However, some of these features are currently only available for US users. 

October Instagram Updates 

  • Digital Collectible Updates

Instagram has updated its feature of digital collectibles recently. Now the creators can easily create, showcase, and sell their digital collectibles directly on Instagram. 

Meta has made it possible to sell digital collectibles both on and off Instagram with an end-to-end toolkit. With this update, the creators can build their NFTs on the polygon blockchain. 

However, the features are only available to limited creators in the US as a part of the experiment. Meta is also going to play its role in supporting video collectibles. Further, Facebook has also added Solana blockchain and Phantom wallet to the existing blockchain and wallet services list. 

  • Creator Subscription on Instagram 

Instagram has made it possible for eligible content creators to add exclusive content to their feeds and stories. Followers of the content creators will notice a subscription button on the influencer’s feed. 

The exclusive posts and reels will be locked for unsubscribed followers. The subscribed followers can save the post or reel or save the sound used in the reels. 

The exclusive Instagram stories will appear with a purple ring and disappear after 24 hours. 

The subscription feature of Instagram is great for influencers to engage the audience and entice them to subscribe. It also gives them a chance to earn more with the content they are providing and not just rely on influencer marketing. 

The influencer should be above the age of 18 and have at least 10,000 followers to attain the subscription feature. 

October Facebook Updates 

  • Facebook Stars

The star feature on Facebook and Instagram enables users to send gifts to their favorite content creators. They can purchase the stars from Facebook and Instagram. 

The influencers can give more importance and attention to the star senders. They can also view the conversation with them under the new comments manager.

This new feature helps the influencers to maintain all the important comments in one place. 

With the new update, the Facebook stars will now be visible next to the reel. Moreover, it is also possible to send stars for photos and text posts. 

Facebook has added an interesting update in the stars, where the user can send theme-specific gifts to the content creator. For instance, it is possible to send a bakery-themed gift to a food content creator. 

The fans can show their love to the content creator by helping them earn more with the gifts. 

This new feature like the others is also limited to US Facebook and Instagram users, but it would soon extend to other influencers as well. 

  • Let’s Get a Professional

Just like Instagram, it is possible to create business mode for Facebook profiles. It has created a professional look for the users while simultaneously maintaining the feel of a personal profile for the creator. 

Facebook offers features to start a business from a personal profile without worrying about the user experience. 

However, with a professional profile, the influencers can create promotional ads and have access to potential customer analytics. 

Key Takeaways 

The metaverse, though slightly unstable, has shown tremendous benefits in the digital marketing world. It is believed to increase its potential by the 2030s.

More the businesses flourish in online marketing, the more Facebook updates. In light of digitalization, there are one or more social media app updates every month. 

Facebook is trying to maintain the ‘most used app’ position with the constant update in marketing tools and features. 

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