What to Do When It’s Not Getting Better

What to Do When It’s Not Getting Better

There is something that excites me as I set myself to write this blog post. This comes after talking to a dear friend with whom I have not been able to maintain contact in the recent past. It was only yesterday I found out that she has been dealing with a lot. It seems as if nothing is working out for her. Really?

It’s not just her. I am sure this has happened with each one of you at some point of time in your lives or chances are that it is already happening with you since you’re reading this piece. This is regarding all those times when you do everything to work out things but end up with a feeling that nothing is getting better.

You get stuck in life, love, and relationships. You do things, again and again, wishing that things could simply change your life to become better. This concerns people who desperately want change and are willing to do things/ work towards the change.

However, there is another set of people who want everything to change according to their whims and fancies but they won’t do anything about it. Simply because they are too lazy or they feel things happen automatically in life. Unfortunately, life is not that simple or easy. There is a need to work towards every small thing in life. This even applies to forgetting your ex or someone who left you alone. Or, accepting some sort of failure in life. Everything requires effort. Nothing comes easy in life. Unfortunately, there is nothing much I can do to help them. It’s only they who can help themselves.

Now, if you belong to the former group there’s a lot that can be done to improve your situation. I have been there at your place number of times and I am going to share those things that have helped me come out of those situations where I felt completely helpless.

Firstly, I believe everything is possible. If you set your eyes on something, you can have it. It’s just that sometimes your timing is not right. There is timing for everything and life has its own way of coming back. What you must learn is that the efforts put by you never go waste. So stop worrying about the time you invested in something. Right now, you need to focus on your emotional well being. That is how you feel. This might mean changing the way you had planned things for yourself. Your only goal has to be to maintain positivity in your life.


Control Your Emotions

In relationships, this implies controlling your reactions and maintaining your calm in the toughest of situations. Have a belief in yourself and stop paying too much attention to things that can be done or are being done.


Pull Yourself Back

In life generally, for one person it might mean giving up on that dream (for time being as things come back in this universe) and for the other person, it could be changing the entire course of life or simply the way they are working towards the accomplishment of that particular goal/ dream.

You might just be stuck in your path and all that is required from you is some clarity. It’s time to pull yourself back so that you can see what is possible instead of not seeing anything at all. It doesn’t really matter whether your newly set goal is small or big. All it matters is how you feel thinking about your goal.

I have talked about one wrong career decision taken by me 16 years ago in one of my posts. That one decision coupled with several other factors and a series of events that followed my decision had left me completely shattered. I had to settle for something I had never dreamt of. There was a complete emotional breakdown. At that time, I was neither prepared to face any such challenges nor had any sort of guidance to come out of that failure.  The pain was so intense that I can still feel the numbness somewhere in my body while I am writing this post.

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Sometimes, failures in life teach you a way more than success. Because the pain had crossed its threshold level, one fine day I decided to accept the things as they were. I had become extremely calm and focused on life that existed for me at that moment.  It took me a lot of time but that one failure taught me what it means to live a life with an unaccomplished dream. As a result, I value hard work more than anything else in my life. Furthermore, my own failure (the primary reason of which was no guidance and lack of awareness of career options that existed/ one should opt) made me do extensive research on the career choices. This happened, primarily, due to a reason that although I had accepted the fact that BCA in a local college was something I was supposed to but the desire of doing something big/ better was still alive. All those hours that were spent on researching the available options made me take up the role of a career coach ( even though I am not a certified counselor) later in life besides my other work.  One of the things that indeed give me a lot of satisfaction is helping students accomplish their dreams in whatever way possible.

One Thing at a Time

There is another powerful thing that yields amazing results. Start by doing one thing at a time. This will ensure that hope never dies in your life. Undoubtedly, ‘Hope’ is a big thing. I strongly feel there is no purpose left for a life the moment hope dies. By choosing to do one thing at a time, you maintain your focus in life. When you stay focused and zone in on one thing, you start feeling motivated and determined to take on your life all over again.

Finally, I hope this article was wide enough for everyone to get something out of it. Let me know your thoughts.