A Story of Ben and Sophie: What does Writing do for You?

You must have come across different infographics or posts emphasizing the importance of writing or blogging. I couldn’t agree more with writers talking about the benefits of painting words across the sky:

  • A source of handsome money
  • Helps in healing traumatic experiences and reduced stress levels
  • A stronger immune system and a sound spirit
  • Calmness and emotional stability
  • Substantial improvement in your memory
  • You gain impeccable communication skills

It is because of these benefits that writers frequently ask you to take up writing immediately as it would never happen otherwise. They have been in your shoes and interpret what you’re missing by not spending time mulling over words. Such people have come far in their animations and thus, recognize a genuine value of words.

If any of you have ever come across a writer or blogger in your lifetime, you would harmonize that they dwell in a world totally different from yours. They find comfort in crafting ideas and writing down their ideas. As much as they love spending time alone, they are fond of nurturing love and relationships.

Talking about relationships, I am reminded of a beautiful story of Ben and Sophie, who developed an amazing bond between them through the power of their words.

After high school, both Ben and Sophie went to different urban centers to pursue study areas of their interest. Ben wanted to establish a career in architect while Sophie inspired to be an analyst.

Because they had moved to a new place where there were no acquaintances, the old friends started exchanging e-mails. Very soon, the frequency shot up and they were writing to each other almost every day. They would talk about their lives, ideologies, and almost everything.

Sophie was a shy young woman. She would vent all her emotions in e-mails. On the other hand, Ben was an outspoken young man. Even so, he could be found in a different zone when talking to Sophie.

Whatever time Sophie got off from her subjects, she would give it to her writings.   She had started finding tremendous joy in penning down her ideas. Ben had given up writing by now and was fully dedicated to his studies. But, Sophie from her school days knew about Ben’s excellent writing skills. She began seeking his views on her write-ups and now they were even discussing her compositions.

Time went by swiftly and both of them had become each others’ confidants. Some kind of uniqueness could be viewed in their friendship. They had never caught each other after they passed out from school. And, the only time they would speak to each other on the telephone was when any of them was boarding a flight. Because Ben believed in making a last call to the dearest person in his life right before a plane would take off.

Sophie’s corporate job had taken a toll on her life while Ben moved abroad for his higher studies. By now, her writings were limited to weekends, but they had still managed to continue exchanging emails. Because of his amazing ways with girls, Ben had a number of stories to tell to his dearest friend.  And, Sophie always had suggestions to seek from him.

6 years gone by and they were still exchanging e-mails. Just that it would now happen barely once a month. Both of them had moved on in their lives, but their friendship still held them together.  They still shared every bit of their spirits in those few emails. Theirs was a special relationship full of marvel and illusion. They lived far yet developed a mysterious apprehension of each other. In everything they managed in their quotidian lives, one could easily understand the influence they had on each other.

A few years hence, Sophie got hitched to a man of her aspirations. Ben and Sophie would hardly exchange emails now, but they were still the best of allies. They had not learned to share their lives with anyone except each other. As luck would have it, Sophie’s marriage didn’t work out and she filed a divorce. She, nevertheless, kept this one thing hidden from Ben. They lived so far that it was not possible for him to find anything that had happened. Neither did she desire him to be upset nor was she seeking any mercy.

Last time he wrote to her, it was about a girl he was thinking of proposing for a wedding. He had stood by her in every decision of hers, only this time she wanted to sail through on her own.

She had totally shut down all their communications. Ben thought the reason to be her new life and was content thinking that she had found her happiness. Months passed by and they hadn’t heard from each other. They had created some beautiful memories talking to each other that were to be cherished forever.

Next year, it was when Ben was in his hometown for his engagement he found out about Sophie from a common friend. He totally lost his head and he knew what exactly he wanted to do. It was after 11 years that today he couldn’t wait to see her and tell her that he has always loved her. He couldn’t do it before because her e-mail announcing her engagement had come precisely when he was planning to reveal his feelings. He made it to her and the moment they saw each other she knew what was coming.

Their words had stuck them so powerfully that they couldn’t feel it same with anyone else. Even though their communication was confined to a virtual world, yet they talked their hearts only in their writings to each other.

Surprising as it may be, but words have a potential to transform lives. If you trust in the power of writing the same way I do, you would agree with me:

“Writing affords the creation of the strongest bonds and lifelong relationships”

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