What is Colour Scheme | Why it is Important in Online Marketing?

Creative designing is the key to enhance any online business. Colors have an enormous significance in our emotions. We exhibit what we see throughout the day.

A person usually emits peace and calmness if he has been looking at soothing colors. Studies show the connotations between colors and human emotions and psychology. 

The Essence of Colours in Marketing

Color psychology is the study of how individual colors affect the mood and emotions of humans. Colors also tend to impact human behavior. A few colors make us feel gloomy, while others are full of zest. A person might also associate colors with childhood memories and emotions. 

For instance, you might be wearing black one day but had a terrible day. The thought of wearing black again might not entice you. You might have also felt confident and influential when wearing a specific color. However, the same color can have a different meaning for people depending on their age, upbringing, location, and numerous other factors. 

Let us look at how some of these colors are viewed in psychology.

  • Red

Red is considered to be a stalwart color. It is the symbol of love but also anger. Red depicts vehement human emotions. It is the universal color for power, strength, hatred, courage, and danger.  Implementing red in marketing guarantees to attract attention. It is considered to be a scroll-stopping color. Many call-to-action buttons are colored in red to allure the audience. Many popular brands like YouTube and McDonald have used red in their brand logo. Red is considered to increase the appetite, thus in popular demand amongst various food companies like KFC and Coca-Cola.

  • Blue

Thinking of blue, we generally imagine a sea or sky. Looking at both gives a feeling of calmness and subduedness. The shades of blue also induce different emotions. For instance, light blue brings a feeling of calmness while a darker blue instills emotions of power and strength. 

The choice of color depends on the brand category. Everyone wants to come home to a peaceful environment. So, if you have an interior decoration business, you might want to target soothing colors for your brand. 

Brands like Facebook, Twitter, and Oral-B use blue in their brand logo. This ingrains a feeling of trust and competency among the users. 

  • Green

According to psychology, green symbolizes fertility, growth, and health. Being the color of nature, it has a calming effect.  However, green is also associated with envy and selfishness. Too much green can impact a client’s mind negatively. Adding a hint of green in product marketing portrays it as a healthy and safe option. It is further beneficial for financial websites to inculcate green in their branding.  

Some food brands like Sprite, Mirinda, Starbucks, and Tropicana have green logos. This characterizes them as natural and unprocessed. Besides, few other brands like Spotify, Hulu, and Whatsapp come across as a safe option among the rest.

Need For Colour Psychology in Marketing

As discussed previously, color relates to emotions. A color scheme can either take your brand to new heights of recognition or can be a calamity.  

  • Brand Recognition

Popular brands are engraved in the minds of the consumers because of their brand logo. It is human behavior to symbolize everything with a specific color. 

Few will remember the brand name, contrary to the majority who will remember the color!

When we think of Starbucks, the first thought that comes to mind is either coffee or the color green. Using the same color scheme escalates brand recognition and spreads awareness. Understanding the impact of color is a great way to target a niche audience.

  • Resonating with Emotions

Colors are a great way to express gestures and emotions. Every item resonates with a certain color.  Introspecting your emotions and choosing the right fit for your brand might be a great way to do so.  Using explicit demographics for your branding can click with users, and it would be worth visiting your website. 

It is crucial for e-commerce websites because all of their revenue depends upon the traffic of their website. 

  • Conversion Rates

In marketing, using certain colors for PPC ads or CTA can correspond to substantial activity.  Further, using a highlighted color scheme for the inquiry or contact information can also attract the searcher’s attention. Using specifically bright colors is known to generate higher conversion rates.

Strategies For Using Colour Psychology

Till now, you have understood enough to recognize the importance of color schemes in marketing. If you have a startup business, it becomes necessary for you to learn the strategies that might help in brand building. 

However, it is not possible for everyone. Thus causes the need for hiring a digital marketing agency.

  • Create a specific color palette

You do not wish to make a bogus-looking brand logo or use a single color for the entire website. That is not visually appealing.

The website should be a blend of specific colors. It is entirely your choice on how you view your brand. 


This might be a suitable choice if your brand is focused on a single color or emotion.  For instance, if you have an e-commerce website related to plants and nature, using shades of green is a perfect choice. 


This is a safer option for an amateur without the proper knowledge of color schemes.  As the name suggests, an analogous color scheme uses the adjacent color on the color wheel. Adjacent colors usually have similar implications. 


Complementary colors are the perfect choice when you wish to add a dimension to your website branding.  Since these colors are opposite to each other on the wheel, they add to the beauty of the other. 

  • Inspiration From Other Brands

When establishing an online audience, it is a smart choice to visit some other similar brand websites. 

This helps you get an idea of what might engage the customers. However, do not use the same color palette as that might counteract. 

  • Test It With The Audience

Perfecting a color scheme for your B2B or B2C business is a hit-and-trial process. If the color scheme is at par with your satisfaction, keep a check on the audience’s reaction. Some might like it, others may not.

Try using different color themes initially and you might find the one that stays with your audience.

Final Thoughts

The brand colors are going to stay with you and your audience throughout the journey. This makes it crucial to research the color schemes and ensure it reflects your brand personality, motive, and appeal to the products. Although certain sectors have a predominant color scheme, you can break through those shackles and opt for what floats your boat.