Technical SEO refers to enhancing the various technical aspects of a website such as the ranking of its pages increases in the search engines. Technical SEO is a process which helps in ensuring that the technical requirements of modern search engines are met by a website.

It improves the marketing scopes and increases the reach for a particular brand by attracting a great number of potential users. It optimizes a web-page, thereby making it more engaging for the end users.

There are certain elements that are to be considered for optimizing a particular web page. These are,

  • Mobile-friendliness
  • User engagement level
  • Quality of the content
  • The number of inbound links and their quality

There are two categories of SEO as well:

On-page SEO – It deals with Content Optimization. Focuses on how the content has been optimized for the experience of the users and the search engines, which includes keywords, organization, headings, descriptions, meta titles and more.

Off-page SEO – These are the factors that take place off the website and affect the rankings. The major Off-page SEO factor is the inbound links or the links to the pages from other websites.

Technical SEO fulfills the trio. With the technical stuff lagging behind, search engines would be inefficient in accessing your website at all, which discards the chances of ranking at the top. The technical site should be the best version of itself. Then there are chances that you will win with your off-page and On-Page SEO.


  • An example of Technical SEO would be creating structured data. Schema markup is the most recognized type of structured data vocabulary. Majority of search engines depend upon standardized structure for the websites. The structure has to be orderly such that the search engines can give the people making the search the most thorough and relevant results possible. This is the reason that structured data is a great example of technical SEO.
  • Another example of Technical SEO would be constructing an XML sitemap for the site. The most substantial step in establishing a strategy related to technical SEO is setting the website correctly such that every page works as per the function.


A business can be making the best and thoughtful content on their website. But if search engines fail to browse the website, all efforts would go in vain.

Think of it in another way. Assume that you are making efforts to sell a house. You could have a worthy interior(content) but if the house has some wiring that leads to nowhere (broken links), it is obvious that the house would not pass the inspection(Googlebots) and there would be no surety that I would sell(rank high enough).

This is why technical SEO is really important.

Other reasons why it is important are :


SEO improves the ranking among other competitors, thus, making it easier for the prospect consumers to visit the website. It used techniques which make the website friendly to the search engines.

It makes sure that the website has all the important pages and also increases the number of keywords as well as the meta words. SEO helps in concern with the organic traffic over the website and consequently there is an escalation in the number of people visiting the website.

There are many reputed international SEO firms such as Digital Kangaroos in Ludhiana, Punjab which uses techniques for long-term growth of business. An increasing number of people visiting the website increases the ranking of the web page in the search results which in turn increases the visibility as well.


Technical SEO is also related to the search market. One of the goals of Technical SEO is increasing the web traffic, which is a consequence of increased ranking as well as the visibility of the website. It helps in ensuring a prominent place on the website in the search engine results. It aids the website in keeping up with the stiff competition.


Winning the interest of the customers is the most important thing for a business. They will depend on google to take them to the best of websites based on their requirements. This means that the website should appear on the initial most page of the search results otherwise it would not seem credible at all. Websites which come higher in the organic searches seem to be of greater trustworthiness to the users.

As mentioned earlier, technical SEO has a huge role in increasing both the ranking and the visibility of the business website by increasing the web traffic. Thus, it is quite essential in building the reputation and trust of the website.


Technical SEO contributes to Content Marketing as well. Technical SEO aims towards giving high quality content with respect to the website and thus improves the user experience. A perfect content strategy includes making relevant content that is really engaging. This plays a huge role in getting the target market.

Making amazing content has a vital role to the success of different companies that offer SEO services. Successful companies keep track of the content strategy in process and thus optimizing it as per the latest ongoing trends. This helps them to stay on top in the competition.


Technical SEO makes a great impact in making the websites more responsive. The modern day scenario is that people expect a page to open within a time span of 2 seconds. The longer the web page takes to load, the shorter the conversion rate for the page. Increasing the page load speed reduces the bounce rate, which inspires the different users to spend a higher amount of time on the web page.

Page loading speed is quite a ranking factor as well. A close attention should be paid to how long the page takes to load once a user requests it.


The major purpose of technical SEO is to make the website expand and achieve various business goals. It helps in forming better relations with the end users. It assists the website to gain more trust and drive more people to the website. It pumps the conversion rates which ascertain higher sales and growth of the business or brand. Thus, technical SEO is an inseparable part of digital marketing and using it would be a great boost for the marketing campaign.