When and Why is Self Blog Hosting a Good Idea?

What is Blog Hosting?

Blog Hosting refers to a place where your blog goes online. Blogs or weblogs are websites featuring continual updates of posts or entries by Bloggers. There is no dearth of blog hosting options that are available, thus, making it a cakewalk to get your blog live. While there are both free and paid options available, choosing one for you can be a daunting task.

Both the options come easy. However, one doesn’t cost you any buck other costs you a little but are more flexible. Further, the paid hosting is autonomous.

When Free Blog Hosting Services Come Handy?

Creating your blog using free hosting services is not at all a bad idea when blogging is merely a diary-keeping activity for you. Furthermore, there are no intentions of making an additional income through your Blog. You may just want to stay in touch with your folks through your writings. And, you are a no-tech person with a minimal interest in acquiring technical skills. All you want is a platform with get-set-and-go Blog software options.

Thumbs up! You may go ahead as you’re good with this option.

Why do you Need Self Blog hosting Services?

This option is for those interested in generating an additional source of income through Blogging. You get your own domain and much more flexible customization options. Additionally, Blog monetization is possible by running ads on your blog.

Major Blog hosting service providers offer easy installation methods and setting up your blog is not quite a huge task. Buy a domain, make a few clicks and use some plug-ins; your blog is ready to go live!

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Now, the most important question:

Is it a Good Idea to Invest Time and Money in Hosting a Personal Blog?

To tell the truth, there is no direct answer to this question. The answer to this question may vary greatly depending on a number of factors as listed below:

Your Primary Objective of Blogging

If you wish to make money out of Blogging and you’re taking to Blogging as a full-time career option, launching a blog in the first go may not be a wise option. Notably, consider hosting a blog only when:

  • You possess sufficient knowledge and writing content/ideas on your Blog Niche
  • You’re a know-it-all person when we talk about tricks and secrets of the Blogging world
  • There are dozens of freelance writing gigs in your basket already
  • The speedy inflow of cash in not a primary concern
  • While you monetize your newly launched blog, you can wait patiently for cash to inflow into your account
  • Either you possess technical skills or are flexible on learning few


If you’re a freelance writer involved in working with online blogs or publications and there is a need to showcase your work. Every time you send a pitch to the Editor or apply for a writing position, there is a need to highlight your professional skills and work experience. Either run a testimonial service (like or there is no way better than including a link to your own blog. Having your own well-maintained blog is, indeed, a professional and sophisticated manner of approaching your potential employers. A self-hosted blog is, therefore, a great showcase of your Blogging talent. Additionally, you may even highlight your WordPress skills through your Blog that are required for a future job.

Time Availability

Time is a crucial factor to consider when you’re contemplating paid hosting for your blog. Thus, if you’re employed full-time and barely have a few hours to spend on your Blog in a month or over the weekend, will it be justified?

Blogging, as the experts will tell you, is all about creating valuable and high-quality content. If there is no sufficient time to produce the content, is there really a need to own one? That being a case, it’s best not running a rat race. If it comes out of passion, let the right time come where you find yourself in a position to devote enough time to your Blog.

Having said all this, Blogging is a never-ending journey in terms of new learning and greater experiences. As you start experiencing the unusual and learning something different, you tread your path of the Blogging world.

As I have said the same thing always, you must never hesitate in posting comments if there is anything you would want to share with us or fellow readers. Happy Blogging!

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