When You Lose Someone You Love 

Have you ever experienced the pain of losing someone close to you at any point of your life?

How does it feel when you lose someone you love?

It could be the loss of a family member, friend or someone you loved.

The reasons for a loss could be variegated but the essence of loss remains the same. A person is no longer with you and you miss him/ her terribly.

The Pain We Carry to Our Grave

If we lose someone very close to us, we often carry the pain of grief to our grave.

Our entire lives are spent hoping for a reunion in this lifetime.

The pain is so intense that it shakes us from within and makes us shed tears. More than often, we find ourselves riding a roller coaster. Even though there is no escape, we want to run away.

Right when we start feeling better, there are days when we fall apart the most.

We often go weak at our knees. We are helpless and there is a feeling that we will not survive this pain.

But each one of us survives this pain and learns to live with it. Eventually, it gets buried in a place in our heart from where it stops coming to the surface but it remains there forever.

Love is always an intense feeling and the pain of losing your loved one is overwhelming. Coping up with the loss of your loved one is the life’s biggest challenge.

Learning to Deal with it

It is alright to feel sad and fall apart, but you must also allow yourself some happiness.

You must do it for the sake of your love. Because your happiness is a gift to your loved one.

People will, often,  ask you to stay away from the things that bring back memories for you. But I believe in getting closer to your memories. Initially, they might make you weak and there might be an emotional outburst, but soon after your memories will become your strength. They will bring back your smile.

I have already talked about how I believe in living content on memories. Because they are the most beautiful moments of our lives.

How would you define your love for the person whom you lost?

I only regard selfless love as a true form of love. I am here talking about the unconditional and most radical type of love.

This type of spiritual love that is found rarely was called “agape” by the Greeks and “mettā” by the Buddhists.

Celebrating Your True Love

If yours was a true form of love, it will liberate you and make you do magical things that are hard to believe. You will feel empowered and there will be a desire to do things that would make your loved one happy.

It doesn’t mean that there will be no pain of losing that special one but that pain will channelize your emotions in a right direction.

You will find a unique form of happiness in your sorrows and start finding peace within yourself.

Talking about this, there comes yet another train of thought

A true love is a rare sight in today’s world that is majorly driven by lust and self-obsession. Lucky are the ones who find it in some form in their lifetime and therefore, you must never turn your back on it. You must nurture it with care and your complete self.

And when you lose that love of yours, it must not make you weak. It should, in fact, make you strong and bring out the best in you.

Even more, there are no strings attached to this form of love.

Thus, celebrate your love every remaining day of life without worrying about its absence. It is all within you. You just have to allow it to nourish you and make a better you.

May you all find love that completes you in every way possible and refuses to ever leave you!

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