Why You Must Discover and Build a Career You Love?

You must have come across articles that talk about how to build a career you love. Everyone out there is willing to offer his/ her expertise to help you advance in your career. But, has anyone told you why you must build a career you love? It is an intriguing question, but if you dare find an answer to it, you will find serenity and happiness amidst chaos.

Why must you Build a Career you Love?

*Simple questions*

Do you get a sinking feeling in the gut as you peer out of the window of a skyscraper or to a scenic view?

Deep down, do you feel there is something that needs to change? Have you ever thought about why do you get such feelings? Why don’t you feel like stretching your arms and smiling when you peer out of a window with a beautiful view?

It is because you’re spinning wheels. Even if you manage to make handsome money, but are you actually doing justice to your life? When we talk about discovering and creating a life we love, we must remember that our work consumes most of the time we spend in our lifetime. Thus, we may never create beautiful lives if we fail to carve a satisfying niche for ourselves in the field of work. Nevertheless, there are other important components that include family and health, but we can’t undermine the importance of work in our lives. It is, in fact, a career we build for ourselves majorly determines our happiness index.

Job wonders

It’s a common sight to see people in the 40’s still struggling to find happiness in a career chosen by them. At the same time, it is not rare to come across people in the 20’s fortunate enough to have made rational career choices. Such people, don’t miss out on their true calling. They are a set of people who you find performing exceptionally well in their lives. They succeed because they are pursuing their passion. Not to mention they find their work exciting and thus, their efficiency increases manifold.

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The employees are, often, disappointed with their job even if they are positioned to keep moving up within their companies. To others, they may seem to have “made” it. People, however, are not aware of the truth. They are not aware of the crisis the employees are going through or are headed for. All these employees were no different in starting their careers with huge ambitions. Yet, there came a moment of frustration and disconnect. Those who are able to successfully navigate their way through it are the ones who laid a strong foundation for themselves based on their passion, interests, strengths, and weaknesses. But, the others keep steering their ways in all the directions without any focus. Eventually, they have to start from level zero.

Making a Radical Choice of a Career you Love

While anyone can make good money by landing himself in a good job, or in a business, people excelling in different fields are passionate about their work and not the amount of money. Thus, if you are on the verge of making a radical career choice, you don’t have to worry about the financial aspects. The money will eventually come to you if you love your work and learn how to excel at it. Even if someone tells you that it’s not a money minting profession you need to remember your ultimate goals. Further, as you start analyzing your choices, you may find yourself ways to the bustling streets of a metro city or a much smaller yet calm town. All it matters is that the choice you make today will affect you for a lifetime. You must, therefore, build your career on a strong foundation.

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