Why Some of Us Need More Alone Time?

Is it that you yearn to be alone most of the times? Or, you don’t even mind making excuses just to get some alone time. Further, you don’t like socializing much and you find yourself least happy when you’re surrounded by people. A meeting with a close friend is more important to you any day than a random social get together. And, your sanity depends on a regular dose of ‘ME’ time. And, you’re often tagged as an introvert.

Does it disappoint you? Honestly, I always felt dejected when anyone would call me a loner or an introvert. I was lucky, however, to deduce that solitude was important to me despite varied opinions. Even if it came at the cost of being called “Introvert” all the time.

Extroverts Also Need a Dose of Alone Time

There is nothing wrong being an Introvert. Sadly, most of us don’t even realize that the differences between Introverts and Extroverts are exaggerated. Besides, the alone time is not important to us introverts only. It is invaluable for extroverts as well.

The society disapproves of introverts because of their craving for more alone time. Due to the perceptions created by the society and blaming it on technology and its devices- most of us don’t want to be alone. But, if you talk to extroverts they have similar needs. They feel that they are not getting enough alone time and would appreciate a lot more time with their own selves. It is, therefore, not in our personality.

Some Good News

There are different reasons to our solitary needs. The good news is that you might just be craving alone time because you’re smarter and more intelligent than your folks! Is there a sigh of relief? Well, there is a lot more to than just being more intelligent. Even if the extroverts tend to be happier due to their outgoing nature, it is not always true. Most of them, reportedly, find their true happiness only when they are in their own niche. That is when they are alone. Further, the alone time doesn’t only make you smarter but also more creative, enhances your memory and problem-solving skills. You are full of energy after you get your dose of alone time. You stop running around all the time and never complain of time paucity.

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As you start spending time in silence, you start listening to your inner voice. Thus, the self-reflection takes places. And, it is precisely when you find yourself on the path to self-improvement. The alone time helps you in discovering yourself and it helps you in experiencing the love in its full glory. Considering there are plenty of psychological benefits, who would not want to reap them by scheduling alone time into their routine?

The bottom line is that solitude is amazing and incredibly valuable- for you and the world around you! Would you still not want to use your alone time? If yes, schedule yourself a solitary appointment right now. As I always say, it’s now or never!

Image sources:, Jamesmapes