Power of Intention: Why none of us can do without Intention?

When a day starts without an intention, your subconscious mind perceives it as a waste already. Such a day can, therefore, never be productive. And, if all the days were allowed to go waste, there would be no great men. The intention defines your objectives for a set period of time. It has the ability to unleash tremendous power and strength. Only if you have the intentions for a day, you accomplish things you have always wanted to.

What is your intention?

It may vary greatly depending upon the individual’s goals. As a blogger, my intention every day is to come up with unique ideas for blogging. My whole day revolves around generating ideas for Blogging. Similarly, an individual’s goal may be to eat healthy for a day to meet his target weight goals. Notably, there is never a big or a small intention. An objective, whatever, it may be is a great fuel for your mind and soul.


Only if there is an intention, you get into the action. There will be no achievements if there will be no actions. And, actions take place only when there are goals. They must, however, be good as they can, otherwise, be devastating.

Good intention v/s Bad intention

An intention whether good or bad has an enormous power of creation or destruction. Thus, we need to play smartly with them. Further, learning the distinction between a good and bad intention is vital.

To model, I have a bad intention if I am competing against a blog post that is someone else’s work. However, the motive to create a high-quality post that goes viral is, nevertheless, a good one.

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Several issues you must deal with…

People with intentions, often, complain the paucity of time. But, they forget everyone’s got the same amount of time. So they must either work on their intentions or learn the optimal utilization of time. Working while traveling, planning meetings when computing, taking notes every time an idea strikes are a few examples that demonstrate the wise utilization of time.

Another important aspect that needs care is that you must never stick too long to your past performance or inefficient days. After all, there is no use crying over the spilled milk. You can’t change what has happened. Regretting, too much, reduces the power of your mind and thus, your goals. It makes you weak in your knees and you can never move towards self-improvement. You don’t want that? Instead, focus on your time ahead, your goals, your intentions; and thus, self-improvement. By all means, an intention is a futuristic act. Think of your future and stop dwelling on your past. You can’t change what has happened.

Regretting, too much, reduces all your strength and vitality.

Final words: Challenge yourself and start living up to your challenges. Amazing it will be to find out that by having an objective, the whole meaning of your life changes. Lastly, our intention creates our reality.

Image sources: cdn2.omidoo, getelevatedwomensconference