Why you must always keep your promises?

We make a new promise or a commitment to others or even ourselves almost every day. What we often fail to do, however, is keep our promises.  And, in the process, we even forget that this 7 letter word has strings attached to it. Most of all, we forget that keeping our word holds a special significance in case we are on the path to self-improvement.

Why you must always keep your promises?

This blog post talks about why keeping your word is more important than we ever thought it to be. And, why this word holds a great significance in the life of every individual. The following section describes the reasons for which you must always keep promises:

Keep Promises: For your Relationship Goals

If your relationships are a priority for you, you will agree that promises are meant to be kept and never broken. In fact, you need to keep a promise in order to show the other person that he or she has a value. And, the love blossoms only if you value a person. When you keep your word, you earn a lot of respect in every relationship of yours. Further, you make your life a lot more rewarding when you care about promises and trust. It encourages a greater amount of sharing between the individuals and thus, a healthier and a deeper relationship. On the contrary, if you use such words loosely; there are not enough reasons for others to believe you. You lose your credibility and therefore, start missing out on their love and affection. Broken promises are etched in tears.

“Never make promises you can’t keep. It destroys relationships and trust.”

Keep Promises: For when you’ll be Gone Forever

When we look back into the history, there are numerous instances where a word was not kept. Nevertheless, there is an equal number of tales, if not more in which a promise that was made held more importance than anything else. Most of you will agree that the stories in which promises were held are beautiful indeed. They inspire us, they bring tears, and they make us smile at the same time. They are motivational and they are the ones close to our hearts forever.

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Now, that brings me to a point where I want to ask you, “How do you want the story of your life to be remembered?”

If you want to create such an impact that your absence is missed- you’ve to learn to keep your word. This will not only make you strong but also help you in becoming a better human being. Thus, if you want your life to be a story that is remembered- it’s now or never! It’s time to master the art of keeping your promises. Either don’t make them or don’t break them!

“There is no greater fraud than a promise not kept”

Keep Promises: For your Career Goals

When you promise yourself or someone else hard work and determination, you commit yourself to success. The word “PROMISE” holds such a power that it adds a purpose to your life. Once you make a promise to accomplish something; it must be a do or die situation. And, such situations bring the best out of you. They, in fact, make you performers and achievers. Likewise, determination to keep your promise helps you endure sorrow, pain, and all sorts of failure. You become focused and work with enhanced energy levels. Your life’s purpose, then, is to keep your word and in the process, you start accomplishing the things you never thought were possible.

“Promise is a big word. It either makes something, or it breaks everything.”

Final words

If you’ve understood the significance of this word, the least you can do now for self-improvement is not making a promise if you don’t intend to keep it. Because promises are worse than lies.

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