Is Women Entrepreneurship Only About Underprivileged Women?   

As a part of my work, I have been recently involved in a few projects related to women entrepreneurship.

Being an entrepreneur is a trending fad. Given how much sensitive the topic of ‘women empowerment’ is to masses, attempts are being made to foray women into the roles of entrepreneurship. The reasons are obvious. It would give them more freedom, financial independence, help them make autonomous decisions and thus, make them empowered.

Is Women Entrepreneurship Only About Underprivileged Women?

The work is amazing- you get a chance to give it back to society and I am always in for this kind of work. In fact, I am willing to contribute in whatever way possible to make this happen. Something that disappoints me, however, is that whenever we talk of women entrepreneurship, we automatically start believing that it’s about unleashing the powerful entrepreneurial force of only underprivileged or below poverty line strata of women population. Really?

From where I see, I find hundreds and thousands of women belonging to affluent families trapped into a system of living that is cruel, sadistic, and inhumane and something that is not acceptable, at least to me.  Why?

While there are a few who are complacent with things as they are in their lives, there are many who are forced to bear this because they are not financially independent. A woman living with a man whom she doesn’t love but has kids to be taken care of, a daughter-in-law who is made to suffer every day because she is dependent and a girl who wants to fly but has been caged-I look around and I feel every such woman needs empowerment more than anyone else.  In no manner, it means I am against working for underprivileged. I only wish there was a balance in the efforts we make.

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According to me, the ultimate path to ‘Empowerment’ is through gaining financial independence and the ability to generate money. When we talk of women in our country, there is a need for almost every woman to master this skill regardless of her family income. It doesn’t surprise me that only 14% of businesses in India are run by female entrepreneurs, as reported by Sixth Economic Census.

And from where I see, all these women who are made to suppress their dreams and desires have so many hidden qualities and unpolished skills that if given a right platform they can nurture themselves into highly successful entrepreneurs. As a result, they will no longer have to depend on others for their needs or desires.

Believe me, one such empowered woman comes with a potential to transform the lives of several other women lacking funds and resources. Therefore, I strongly believe you can get powerful and amazing results by starting with women in your vicinity. You don’t necessarily have to wait until you visit some organizations, NGO’s or ashrams to find women who would allow you to transform their lives.

Finally, it’s just about making a difference in someone’s life and that could be anyone. Honestly, really anyone and maybe the person right next to you. It’s time to stop waiting and start acting.

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