WordPress CRM Plugins for Your Website

You need a management system, both online and offline, especially when expanding your business. But why employ human resources when there is a management system to handle it? 

WordPress offers CRM plugins that handle all the new leads, enhance channel popularity, and grow the contact network. 

But which CRM system suits you the best? Is it suitable for generating leads or tracking orders? 

Let us find out!

What is CRM?

The full form of CRM is customer relationship management. As clear from the name, it manages the interactions and relations with the clients. 

CRM system provides you an ease to manage the customer list and keep a record of all the interactions. 

It is the perfect platform for customer contact details. CRM is highly accessible and easily searchable. 

CRM brings forth many features to ease the management work like task management, email marketing, and calendars that help to generate and follow leads. 

Why do you Need CRM?

It can be a daunting task to keep track of all the businesses. Being majorly involved in tracking the leads and maintaining the data leaves no time for business growth.

CRM maintains a list of all the prospective clients and existing clients. Thus, making it easier to interact with them. 

Since they have the same digital roof, WordPress CRM plugins are compatible with the WordPress website. So if you have your website built in WordPress, the WordPress plugins will definitely help you. 

Different WordPress CRM Plugins for your Website 

WordPress plugins have automation tools and provide insights into lead generation. With a well-developed system, you can easily get the best understanding of the customer’s intentions and expectations. 

Let us look at the top 5 WordPress CRM plugins. 


Hubspot is an all-in-one CRM system. It handles all sales information, email marketing, and customer services. It is one of the best CRM platforms to engage customers. 

It has become effortless to interact with customers with live chat and chatbot facilities. 

Hubspot is a free CRM tool that also provides an ads management system. This, in turn, adds growth to the leads. 

With Hubspot, you can interact with customers through page views and submission forms. 


  • Add filters for the contacts and their engagement
  • Pre-made templates for reports
  • Front-end form templates are available
  • Various email templates are available 


  • No custom dashboards
  • No payment processing features 


It is most suitable for medium to large enterprises. Wp ERP contains all the features for recruitment, accounting, and human resource. It is thus the preference of the admins. 

It provides easy resource planning in the WordPress dashboard. It has further eased the work of human resource managers with quick connection with the employees. 

With only little code knowledge, a developer can set up notifications on the website. Wp ERP has over 10,000 active users and provides unlimited data entries without any interruptions. 


  • Customization tools for different business approach to different clients
  • Compatible with popular software and apps
  • Best plugin for team interactions
  • It is available for free


  • Extensions are paid
  • Options like payment processing are paid, which is free in other plugins
  • Not suitable for small enterprises


This WordPress CRM plugin is mainly used to generate and manage leads. It offers powerful user management which makes it easy to get leads. 

It further eases the task of sending emails and forming group contacts. UpiCRM is an ideal CRM plugin for team collaborations. 

It has an in-built advanced analytics system that enhances traffic sources. It assigns the leads to the choice of the user.

UpiCRM pulls in data through multiple websites. The generated data is up-to-date and reliable. 


  • Built-in team collaboration features
  • True and reliable insights in the dashboard
  • Completely free plugin
  • Improved tracking with built-in analytics


  • Not compatible with all other plugins
  • The marketing campaign is limited

WooCommerce CRM 

It helps in managing the existing as well as the new customers. WooCommerce follows an automated process of generating customer leads. This automated process tracks the lead generations without any hindrance. 

WooCommerce also aids in keeping track of the interests and status of the leads. You can easily keep checking if the potential customer avails your services or not. And that way, you can easily target the particular customer’s interest. 

The WooCommerce CRM plugin builds a record of basic contact and address details of the leads. Further, you can make calls and send emails to the customers, either for promoting the products or mentioning an upcoming sale.

Owing to its features, nearly 30% of online retailers rely on the WooCommerce CRM plugin. 


  • Free to download
  • Availability to add customer notes
  • Provision to make calls with the WordPress admin
  • Includes branded emails 



It majorly focuses on email campaigns and sales funnel. The in-built marketing automation builds an automated customer journey. 

GroundHogg is compatible with third-party plugins in the WordPress dashboard. It offers various developer tools with which the developers can change or add features. 

It alerts the user to fix any incompatibilities with other plugins in the dashboard. It works in the front-end and so does not affect site appearance. 


  • It offers the feature of booking a calendar
  • Availability of backup and restore
  • A timer of the email countdowns
  • Availability of SMS texting
  • Collect data on the sales process


  • Not a free CRM plugin
  • The user interface is outdated

The Gist of the Matter

If your website depends on customer interactions and lead generation, then it is time to shift to WordPress CRM plugins. There is an availability of both free and paid plugins.

Even the paid plugins are not too expensive and have a fixed payable amount. The price does not fluctuate with the growth of the business. 

You can even hire a website developer to install the WordPress CRM plugins suitable for your website.