Work-from-home Culture: Employees Reveal their Emotions

Owing to the latest employment trends, more and more companies are now offering a work-from-home position to their employees. Without any doubts, work-from-home culture is a boon to mothers juggling their professional lives with motherhood tasks. Surprising as it may seem, it’s not only stay-at-home moms/wives but also men who are eagerly waiting for such opportunities to come their way. Unarguably, there are numerous benefits of this new culture that has taken workplaces by storm. As a mother of a toddler, the system of working in a virtual environment so as to make money online fits perfectly into my daily regime. However, in order to validate the usefulness of the work-from-home system I gauged reactions of others towards the same.

The Loneliness that Creeps into Lives due to Work-from-home Culture…

My recent conversation with Rahul Dass working from home for Deloitte gave some interesting insights into the matter. Talking about the luxury of working on his couch, you see a smile coming to his face.  You can’t help but believe that he has completely nailed the art of work-from-home. Reduced travel expenses, better time utilization, no boss, and improved personal life….he has a lot to say and count his blessings.

No sooner than we start talking about his weekly or bi-weekly visits to the office, there is a wave of thoughts going through his mind. Together we start exploring if there is anything missing in his daily routine. Suddenly, there is a revelation that he finds himself a lot happier and full of enthusiasm the day he sees his colleagues. Not that he is sad working-from-home, but he finds himself lonely. Even when into conferences or meetings in a virtual environment, there is that level of excitement missing. Sadness looms over him all the time and there is a complete drain of energy. The thrill of getting back to home, those small chit-chat sessions: it seems as if life has come to a standstill.  Even if the promotions and professional growth continue at the same pace, then also lacks a competitive spirit.

Not that he is sad working-from-home, but he finds himself lonely.

Battling Loneliness due to Work-from-home Culture

On being asked if he wants to get back to a regular job, his thoughts are crystal clear. He wants it only if his work demands so or if his boss tells him some day. The reasons being that he has got so used to the comforts of working from his small office he has set up at home. Further talking about the not so good factors in a given scenario, he decides to work on them. Besides weekend getaways, a weekly outing with friends or colleagues is on the agenda to keep the mood elevated. Making it a point not to miss any of the company’s events or meets so as to remain within the system is yet another change needed. Paying heed towards fitness goals and staying socially active is all it takes to make the optimal utilization of this golden opportunity that otherwise may go futile.

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What Female Counterparts Feel about Work-from-home Culture?

A former female colleague who now works for an MNC expresses her joy to have grabbed this opportunity. She feels no different from most of the women who fall into this category. Further, she emphasizes that it is due to this work-from-home thing that she is able to pursue her career goals. However, she complains how her family members never take her work seriously. Additionally, she is not able to give her a hundred percent to the work. This is simply because there are too many distractions at home. There is a surprising revelation made by her that how she prefers to go to her office and work as and when she gets a chance. Yet, as a mother of the toddler, she is not ready to give up her choice of work-from-home.

Final words: There is no system that can accurately measure the effectiveness and productivity of this not-so-old system. It is only about an individual’s choice and priorities that can justify this aspect of work culture.

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