Different Things You Must Stop Doing For Your Self-Improvement

I am not a perfectionist. I am not even a philosopher. I am just an ordinary thinker who loves to follow her thoughts.

With this blog, I have gotten used to sharing my ideas and thoughts with you folks. Today, I decided to talk about the significance of change when we talk about self-improvement.

Why is Change Desired?

It is desired when you feel you’ve been putting too much of effort into your daily lives and yet there are no benefits. Or, if you feel your life could be better. But, it is just not happening.

To tell you the truth, it is not working because you have been chasing the wrong path. You have been following wrong people and wrong things in your life. You must stop doing this and instead, start treading on the path that leads to self-improvement.

Before you scroll down, you must know that this transformation must happen now or it will never happen. Change demands attention and will-power. If you’re a game for it, nothing can stop you from becoming a better person.


There are things that have become a part of our lives knowingly or unknowingly. To begin our transformation, you need to stop doing things that have been holding you back all this while.

The moment you stop chasing the wrong things in your life, you bring forth a positive change in your life. That is, you give the right things a chance to come into your life. A transition takes place and there are new beginnings in life.

Things You Must Stop Doing

Stop Making Choices that are influenced by Others

Make your own choices in life. Never base your life decisions depending on the liking of others. Don’t get influenced by what the other person is doing or wants you to do. Because the other person is not you, his choices will never work for you.

While one woman fancies buying diamonds, another one might just be content with wine by the beach.

You must, however, make your choices wisely. Start listening to your inner voice.

Mostly, our choices are irrevocable and life-changing. Don’t give yourself a chance to regret because it is probably the worst feeling ever. Even more, never have any regrets because of the choices you make in your life.

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Your Commitments

How much does your word mean these days?

Areas of integrity and impeccability have become blurred when it comes to giving your word and living by it. Commitments are made easily and are broken even more easily.

“Agreement made and agreement broken”

Don’t start this chain as it will make you a person to whom nothing will really matter.

Instead, start valuing your words. They are the most powerful tool in your journey towards self-improvement. It is an overwhelming experience to practice keeping your words.

Commit if you can fulfill,

Love if you can protect,

Befriend if you can help,

Expect if you can perform,

And, dream if you can achieve.

Start Taking Action

Stop complaining and blaming others for problems in your life. Happiness will automatically find its way into your life the moment you will start taking responsibility for your life.

And, then there are others who act like everything is good even when it isn’t. There is no harm in accepting the reality or to fall apart for a while. You gain strength and start smiling again only when you shed tears.

Whatever might be the case, you must never sit idle. Always remember, work is worship.  You can overcome difficulties of all types if you stay motivated towards your goals in life.

Problems demand evaluation and decisive actions. A change will come only if there is an action at first place. Work towards making your life better and it will become amazing one day.

Final words: Wishing all my readers an optimistic life full of love, happines, and dreams! May you all rise and shine!

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