The Power of Our Experiences

What is the first thing that comes to your mind when we hear the word “experience”?

Thanks to a number of travel blogs that we all relate the word “experience” to travel more than anything else now.

Every time a journey is started, we set ourselves on a mission to add another experience to our life memoir because it stays with us for a lifetime.

Many of you will agree that it gives us more happiness to experience something than buying a material possession. Because material possessions wear off with time and never form a permanent part of our memory.

Due to greater realization and increasing awareness, people really look forward to traveling these days.

While some of us have their bucket lists, waiting to be ticked off, there are others longing to rediscover themselves amidst new surroundings and diverse cultures? There are even those looking for some adventure and adrenaline rush experiences.

Our day-to-day lives can be really stressful and they, often, take a toll on our physical and mental well-being.

So, is it simply a desire to escape from the harsh realities of life?

Yes and No…..

Is it to get closer to our true selves and to understand the real purpose of our existence?

Or, is it that we are waiting for an experience to completely unleash ourselves?

If you’re a thinker like me, you would question, is it just travel that offers us experiences of such sort?

If you look within, you’ll find there are a number of experiences besides traveling that are capable of transforming your lives in an equally great manner.

A gourmet meal at a fancy restaurant that tickles our taste buds?

Yes, even that counts for not only a mouth-watering but a long-lasting experience.

It could also be an experience of being loved by someone, losing someone close to you, a fear of failure or even a feeling of betrayal.

You might argue why would you ever want an experience that results in pain or sorrow?

We need such experiences to grow emotionally in our lives. And in case you’ve experienced any of these, you would agree that such experiences can be extremely powerful in changing the course of our lives.

The result of such experiences could be….

Those lacking a feeling of love in their lives start living a bit…

The ones who are betrayed become wiser…

And, those who lose their dear ones start valuing their relationships…

Each and every experience in our lives brings forth a change. A change could be positive or negative depending on our personality and nature. Nevertheless, they help us grow and become us better human beings.

They take us to where we have never been before and form an inseparable part of our life. It, however, takes a lot of courage and a strong willpower to be able to experience such emotions.

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Unlike travel, they don’t cost us anything but demand complete dedication and devotion.

An experience of losing someone you love can be an immense pain coupled with a lot of strength. But, you’ll experience it only if you have it within you to dedicate yourself to someone at first place.

Also, you must demonstrate a lot of sincerity and commitment.

If you succeed in doing this, you’ll realize that every experience is worth living and we must not, therefore, be selective in choosing our experiences. We must not either run from any experience that is destined to come our way in a course of life’s journey.

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