Enhance Your Productivity as a Blogger/ Freelance Writer

Are you, like any other writer or blogger, struggling to write more articles or blog posts in a given period of time? Don’t worry! We know it is quite a tough job.

Writing a high-quality blog post is a time- consuming task. Even more, it can take a toll on any blogger or freelance writer. However, the primary job of a blogger or freelance writer is to create unique content for his audience. Besides taking care of the quality, a blogger has to ensure that the content gets generated on a consistent basis. It is, therefore, not an easy job. The content creation involves a whole process starting with the idea generation, draft writing, editing, reviewing, and finally the content publication.

In New Year 2017, I am going to talk about the simple yet very effective techniques that help you in writing more content/ articles in less time. Remember, it’s all about developing a system that helps you focus better and thus, enhances your productivity as a blogger/ freelance writer. That is, it is about a system that suits you the best. Notably, developing such a system and adapting yourself to the same will help you become a popular Blogger or Freelance Writer.

Techniques to Enhance Your Productivity as a Blogger/ Freelance Writer

1.Stick to Your Work Schedule

Even if you’re working from home, you need a proper work schedule. You need to draft a structure according to your routine and then stick to it.

*Blogging Hack*

You must undertake all your writing tasks during your most productive hours.

To model, I am a work-from-home mommy Blogger that is I am a stay-at-home working mother. Therefore, I have multiple tasks to juggle the entire day. As a result, my writing schedule is planned according to my little one’s routine. My writing hours are typically the ones when I am alone. They are either late evenings or when my little one is away to her school. Therefore, the foremost task is to find out your most productive hours and what works for you. Notably, what works well for me may not work at all for you.

There are numerous challenges you have to face as a Blogger or Freelance writer. But, you can just not afford to go off your schedule. Consistency is the key to success in the world of Blogging. Further, you have to make the optimal use of your most productive hours. Focus on creating more content during this time of the day.


Planning, as I always say, is as important as creating high-quality unique content. What makes me say planning important? Read the following lines carefully:

The idea generation, structure, flow of the content and even the information to be included in an article is all a part of planning for me. Therefore, no writing can take place if there is no planning.

Keeping it short, writing for me as I said before happens only during my most productive hours. However, planning takes place the entire day. It is, therefore, important that you are planning well in advance before you begin writing a post. Any data or information that needs to be gathered should be done while jotting down the points. Other activities like keyword research, social media sharing, etc must not be mixed with writing.

When you start writing in a solitary confinement and undertake it as a solo activity, the results will be alarming. It will not be surprising if your productivity gets enhanced by 200%. I know you don’t believe me. Never mind! It’s not important. What is important, however, is the execution of this strategy. And, the results will automatically make you believe me.

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3.Work Environment

Your work environment can significantly affect the productivity of your Blogging or Freelance Writing business. Even if you work-from-home, you need a proper set up for your work related tasks. You need a distinct place or home office to ensure the smooth flow of work. Further, all the aspects of the work environment need to be intact to help you effectively write your articles. You need to ensure that everything around your workplace is highly organized and there are no distractions of any sort. Whatever you need for your work should be in the right place.

Final Words:

If you are really looking at enhancing your productivity in writing articles, you need to implement everything that is written above. Along with that, you also need to master the art of self-control. And, once you’re successful in doing so, everything will automatically fall into place. There will be no disappointment. In fact, you’ll be amazed at marvelous write-ups you will start producing.

Wish my folks a lot of writing this New Year!

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